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Mayor Andy Henderson confirmed President Donald Trump will be at an event at the Caloosa Sound Convention Center in Fort Myers Friday — the old Harborside Event Center – which is part of the newly built Luminary Hotel.

A presidential helicopter was spotted over downtown Fort Myers Wednesday, and signs are posted up on the garage across the street from the hotel that says it’s closed for part of the day.

Right now, there’s no indication the public is invited to the event at the hotel. Mayor Henderson said he will be attending.

People downtown can expect delays on the roads and likely some roadblocks. We are learning a lot more will go into this visit and have heard mixed reactions.

Rich Kolko, WINK News Safety & Security Specialist, says the president will travel in a large motorcade to downtown with roadblocks along the way.

“They have different law enforcement shut down different intersections along the way,” Kolko said. “That’ll keep the traffic moving around the president, but it’ll keep him safe in a traffic bubble.”

Kolko says Secret Service is closely monitoring the area in and around where the president will speak.

“If it’s somewhere like this hotel, they’ll sweep the hotel,” Kolko said. “They’ll understand what the parking is, if there’s anything underground or inside. They would certainly have people on rooftops. We’re right next to the river. They’re going to have to put boats out there, whether it’s the Coast Guard or police boats.

Traffic is enough to keep some people away.

“I mentioned that to my wife last night,” Dan Norden said. “That traffic will be an issue.”

Others say, with less than three weeks to Election Day, this is a big indicator of how important votes are in Southwest Florida.

“That’s amazing that he would pick our town to come to with the election just three weeks away,” Rich Galvano said.

Fort Myers Police Department said it’s preparing for the president’s visit, but it’s unclear exactly where you’ll notice roadblocks.

Our Safety & Security Specialist said the roadblocks shouldn’t cause delays for too long for drivers.

We have reached out to the White House to find out whether this is a private or a public event, and we have not heard back yet.

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