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A Sept. 30 Reading Eagle headline read, “Trump got chance to define Biden.” What President Donald Trump really did in the presidential debate was to define himself — as a bullying, graceless, frightening would-be autocrat.

Trump’s recently unearthed tax returns expose his business instincts as disastrous: $100 million in mortgages and $421 million in loans with principals due within the next four years; a $72 million tax refund being contested which, if denied, would add $100 million to his personal debt. Most of his businesses have failed spectacularly, and he has burned his bridges with U.S. banks.

Where will he turn to cover a potential debt of a half-billion dollars? Russia comes to mind, with serious implications for our national security. Some still think he has the Midas touch, but he is rather like an anti-Midas whose touch turns everything to something smelling worse than gold.

This man and his enablers have put America’s democracy in grave danger. Our system needs a robust two-party system to thrive. I have Republican friends who, given the dangers they perceive in Trump, plan to join me in voting him out of office. They still believe in a party whose principles, integrity and honor they are committed to uphold.

Trump has indicated he may try to cheat to retain power if the election doesn’t go his way. Let us hope for a landslide to dissuade him from that delusion.

Thomas B. Souders


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