Bill Melugin Details The Rising Encounters of Illegal Immigrants At The Border – FOX News Radio

The Biden administration has been facing a surge in migrant encounters that is moving into its second year and is seeing more migrants from countries like Russia and India making their way to the border. There were approximately 1.7 million migrant encounters in FY 2021 up from four hundred fifty eight thousand the previous year.

Bill Melugin, Fox News National correspondent joined the Guy Benson Show said the following on the high numbers of encounters:

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“you have a massive, massive, massive increase in migrant encounters at the border and a massive drop in enforcement and removals from the country. And that just goes to show that it reflects the difference in priorities and the difference in beliefs between those those two administrations. I mean, under President Trump. I mean, they were title 42 and basically everybody, even families, kids, that sort of thing. The Biden administration has openly said they’re not going to send any kids back. They’re not going to send most families back. And we start wondering why all these unaccompanied minors start showing up”

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