Women’s sports are being ‘eviscerated’ due to advancement of transgender athletes: Harmeet Dhillon – Fox News

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Harmeet Dillon and Amala Ekpunobi discuss the fate of women’s sports if biological males are allowed to compete on “The Ingraham Angle.”

Harmeet Dillon: Well, Americans should really consider … whether that’s the solution that they want to these types of problems. And so the United States Supreme Court can only decide the cases that come before it. Those cases have specific plaintiffs and facts, and those fact patterns are often imperfect to craft rules that can be generally applied. So back in 1972, Richard Nixon signed Title nine, which gave federal funding requirements to schools and required schools that get federal funding to give access to women athletes. And that had a huge impact over overnight 10 times the number of women began competing in collegiate athletics. And that was a great thing for the confidence of young women, their ability to get scholarships and so forth, and their ability to succeed in life. Where are the feminists today? Because that advantage over the last 50 years has been slowly chipped away to the point where now any girl who’s being rational, for example, in the UPenn swim team, should just give up and put their energy into some other way of succeeding because it’s game over when you allow biological males to take the positions that women were previously allowed to compete for and given opportunities. So right now, the courts are in a flux. The law is in a flux. The law keeps changing in D.C. So the Department of Education has issued conflicting regulations with respect to transgender athletes. Under Obama was one thing President Trump changed it 180 degrees. President Biden changed it back and advanced it further to effectively eviscerate the rights of women to compete in their own spaces.


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