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GREG GUTFELD, FOX NEWS HOST: Indoor lake. Hi, I’m Greg Gutfeld along with Judge Jeanine Pirro, Geraldo Rivera, Jesse Watters, and she went white water rafting down a leaky faucet, Dana Perino. THE FIVE.


STEVE BELL, OTTAWA POLICE CHIEF: We’ve been bolstering our resources, developing clear plans, and preparing to take action. The action is eminent.


GUTFELD: Justin Trudeau’s crackdown on the truckers could come at any moment. Police flooding the protest area and say they are ready to make arrests. That happens as Trudeau continues to embarrass himself and his country. The prime minister and noted black face super fan has repeatedly blasted the protesters and their supporters as racists and extremist. Now Trudeau has upped the smears by accusing a conservative Jewish lawmaker of this.


JUSTIN TRUDEAU, PRIME MINISTER OF CANADA: Conservative party members can stand with people who wave swastikas. They can stand with people who wave the confederate flag. We will choose to stand with Canadians who deserve to be able to get to their jobs, who’d be able to get their lives back.


GUTFELD: That was classy. The lawmaker hitting back.


MELISSA LANTSMAN, CANADIAN PARLIAMENT MEMBER: If he wants to end this today he could have done that 19 days ago before putting forward a national emergency that is not justified. He could have gone out and talked to people rather than calling them racist and misogynist and we could have put an end to this. He can drop the mandates and he can drop the restrictions today and I think that we will have a much more cohesive country.


GUTFELD: Someone’s getting THE FIVE in Canada. Trudeau’s government also making good on its promise to go after convoy donors with terrorism financing laws.


DAVID LAMETTI, CANADIAN JUSTICE MINISTER: If you are a member of, you know, a pro-Trump movement who is donating hundreds of thousands of dollars and millions of dollars to this kind of thing then you ought to be worried.


GUTFELD: Wow. Officials say they have already shut down bank accounts and police have a list of names that they’re giving to banks. So this is getting kind of sick, Jesse. You know, we have said at the beginning as long as this is peaceful go for it. The end game is uncertain. They’re talking about a crackdown. The prime miniature could end this right now just by ending the mandates and avoiding a crackdown. But he just wants — he wants blood.



WATTERS: Doesn’t it sound like they’re preparing for war.


WATTERS: It’s like them going into Iraq or something like that.


WATTERS: I do like the sound of parliament though.


WATTERS: How raucous parliament can be.


WATTERS: All the action in the background. That’s the one thing I’m jealous of Canada for. Can we make a rule that if you’ve worn blackface you cannot play the race card? I think everybody will agree that that’s a good rule here.

GUTFELD: Yes. Yes.

WATTERS: And now that we know because of “The View” that the holocaust was indeed about race, Trudeau should not be throwing stones here. Joe Biden actually gave an exemption for American truckers for the vax mandate and I applaud him for doing that. He carved it out and so American truckers can – – don’t have to be vaxxed. They can drive all over the — all 50 states, I guess except Hawaii. They can’t get to Hawaii, but they can go anywhere.

And so if they can go up north, they can come down south from Canada why can’t Canadian truckers do the same thing. They can go south we can go north, no one gets out of their cab. They drive a rig, stay in the cab, back and forth. No harm, no foul.

And what’s the difference between Canada and Americans anyway? There’s really no difference. If you go to upstate New York, if you go to Michigan or I don’t know.

RIVERA: Maine.

WATTERS: Maine. You go there, go to a bar, you can’t tell the difference between a Canadian and an American. I would love to do a blind taste test of an American and a Canadian.

JEANINE PIRRO, FOX NEWS HOST: How do you taste them?

WATTERS: I have my ways. We’re the same people basically. We have more in common than — with Canada than any other country in the entire world. And the COVID is over, 96 deaths they’re averaging in Canada, 96 deaths a day. I mean, I don’t mean to laugh. That’s still too many, but come on. This thing is over. It’s time to end it.

GUTFELD: You know, Dana, every day the prime miniature proves he’s a low intellect. He continues to do this bad appling thing where he keeps bringing up this swastika in order to smear an entire group of people including a Jewish politician.

DANA PERINO, FOX NEWS HOST: He wants so much for there to be more confederate flags —


PERINO: — like he’s just hoping every day that there will be more flag.

GUTFELD: He’s only got one.

PERINO: And that debate at that parliament, I would agree. I’d like a parliament, but I like the British parliament. To me what he looked like he was doing was like at the university, at the student union.


PERINO: And he’s having a debate and then he’s got to throw around a little Nazism so that he can try to make his point. Very pathetic. Also, he’s done nothing to say to them, okay, today is the day, but let’s look forward.


PERINO: There’s only 96 deaths. Let’s give until March 30th. We have a deadline. We’ll reassess at that point. There’s nothing that he’s doing. He — in a stroke of a pen, he made them essential to non-essential and then from citizens to domestic terrorists.


PERINO: And you think they’re not going to be mad. My final thing is I thought it was very rude of them today to put out a notice to all the truckers and the protesters that says if you have an animal, a pet, a dog that is with you in your truck and you get arrested and you can’t take care of your dog, they will be impounded and you may never see them again.

GUTFELD: That’s a nice little threat there.

PIRRO: And you know, they also said you may — we’re gonna bring in Child Protective Services or the Canadian version of Child Protective Services. If we arrest you and we’re gonna take your children in as well. But you know the amazing part of all of this is that Trudeau is this condescending, arrogant, patronizing, supercilious, haughty guy who has no — he just — there’s no — there’s no — there’s no truth or veritas to anything he says.

So he calls a Jewish member of parliament who’s just elected that she’s standing with people who carry swastikas. Well this guy, we should now out him for who he stands with. Would you like to do that?

GUTFELD: Well, I hear you have some tape that you would like us to play.


GUTFELD: Play this tape.


TRUDEAU: There’s a level of admiration I actually have for China. Their basic dictatorship is allowing them to actually turn their economy around on a dime.



PIRRO: Okay. So there you have, the real Justin Trudeau who was asked what country he admires the most in the world and he said China because it’s a dictatorship, which is exactly how he’s trying to run Canada. And he says because when you shut everybody down then you can turn the economy on a dime and then we can go green and do all that stuff. This guy is a phony.

Parliament doesn’t like him. I love that they could boo him. He was — they told him three times you have to apologize for what you said to the Jewish member of parliament, he wouldn’t do it.

RIVERA: You’re looking at the Jewish member of THE FIVE as you say —

GUTFELD: You’re not the only one.

RIVERA: Who else?

GUTFELD: Well, I’m a Catholic.

PIRRO: Hey, let me tell you. I’m a bigger (inaudible) than most Jews.

GUTFELD: I’m a lapse Catholic Jew.

RIVERA: Well, I’m a Catholic Jew, too, where there is one Jew between us.

GUTFELD: I have — yes, we’re half Jews. I have a question for you because I want to talk about the hacking and the targeting of people. I want to put — you put Geraldo in a situation where your private information, let’s say it gets hacked, your e-mails, your love notes, your photos.

RIVERA: Right.

GUTFELD: And then imagine a journalist exploiting that info and going after the people in your private — not going after you, but the people —

RIVERA: Horrifying.

GUTFELD: Yes. Isn’t that where it’s getting kind of gross?

RIVERA: So, so creepy.


RIVERA: So creepy. And they just prefaced my answer with two quick texts.


RIVERA: One, I hold Justin Trudeau in much higher regard than everybody else at this table. I think that he’s — he’s very charismatic. He was elected for a reason. I think —

GUTFELD: The last name, Geraldo.


RIVERA: I think his last name is very important and his dad, Pierre, was a terrific prime minister.

PIRRO: Status did (ph).


GUTFELD: Yes. He’s no — he’s not his dad, though.


GUTFELD: He’s a chip off his old mom.

GUTFELD: Let me — let me read the notice aside from the fact that I hold him in higher regard. “You must leave the area now. Anyone blocking the streets or assisting others in blocking the streets are committing a criminal offense.” It’s about time. What’s taken Canada so long? It is that they’re so nice.

They should have done this weeks ago. They shouldn’t have let it fester and metastasize the way it has. And I cannot for the life of me think of a good reason why it has taken so long.

In terms of the vaccine mandates, I’m with you guys now. I mean, enough already. The point has been made. Everybody’s made — it’d be a gracious compromise to the truckers and a recognition of all that is noble in a much more complex and confusing situation, and give them — give them a little something because everybody is going that way anyway. Sixteen governors are already signed on to it and —

GUTFELD: I mean, I agree with you in this in the, like, you don’t want this organization to go the route of BLM. Remember when they would go to the brunches and demand diners to pledge allegiance to a fist. They do your fist up.

PIRRO: Yes. Yes.

GUTFELD: You don’t want to be — you want to leave. You want to leave on a high note not on a low note.


PERINO: Right.

WATTERS: Remember when things got out of control, summer of 2022, especially in Portland when they started ransacking these federal buildings and Donald Trump wanted to go in hard.

PIRRO: Right.

WATTERS: He wanted to mobilize and go in hard and clean the house. And they were told — he was told, hell no, don’t you dare do that. That is too strong. Get the heck out of here. What Trudeau is doing is what Donald Trump wanted to do on steroids. Not as he — not only is he going into hardcore, he’s going financially after these people.

They’re doxing people. They’re threatening poodles and I won’t stand for that. So for all the people that didn’t want Trump to go in hard when people were actually burning things down and hurting people.

PIRRO: — the federal courthouse. Yes.

WATTERS: Now they’re okay with this? Come on.

PERINO: Remember at that time “The New York Times” op-ed editor, James Bennett, allowed or —

GUTFELD: Tom Cotton.

PERINO: They had Tom Cotton put in his op-ed.

WATTERS: Martial law.

PERINO: And then James Bennett had to resign because he had the nerve to allow somebody to issue an opinion.

GUTFELD: All right. Up next, Democrats in a panic after voters tell them they’re too woke, but will they listen.


RIVERA: Leave those kids alone. Democrats seriously freaked out after learning voters are apparently fed up with their woke policies. The blowout in the San Francisco school board recall election, it’s not the only warning sign. Internal polling shows the Democratic Party is losing on key issues from COVID protocols to defunding the police to immigration.

So the big fear is that the GOP, the Republicans, are winning the culture war. There is dread, real dread spreading among many Democrats that their urban-based party could go extinct in rural parts of the country. Some candidates are afraid to even tell voters in those parts which party they represent. Even the liberal media is telling Democrats to get it together.


JOE SCARBOROUGH, MSNBC HOST: Democrats are afraid the party’s going too far.

UNKNOWN: Too many Democrats just don’t speak in terms of the average American comprehending what they’re saying.

UNKNOWN: The Democrats have got to step away from the super wokeness. I mean, San Francisco really tells what’s going on.

UNKNOWN: If you give the Republicans the ability to point the Democrats as this super woke culture focused on the wrong things that don’t matter to voters, you’re going to lose and it’s that simple.


RIVERA: Well, Dana, he’s right about that, Dana, but what about that notion that the Democrats could go extinct in areas like where you grew up.

PERINO: Well it’s starting to happen and I mean it’s — and it’s not Republicans that are saying that. It’s people like Claire — not Claire — Heidi Heitkamp who used to be the senator from North Dakota. She’s looking at this across the board. John Tester said something similar last week. He’s from Montana.

And if you look at some of these states, you are seeing the possibility that the Democrats are going to be completely boxed out. They do really well in the cities. They have focused heavily on the cities, but if you start to see some of the working class pull away from Democrats and that includes non-white working class, which has started under President Trump and it could accelerate (ph) if Republicans are smart about things.

And also because we’re in the middle of this political realignment and a geographical realignment with people moving and jobs moving, right, leaving the upper Midwest and going to the south with right to work states.

I don’t think that the Democratic Party is going to go extinct, but they are at a point right now where you’ve seen at this flip that Greg’s been talking about for a long time that all of a sudden the Republicans are for the working class and the Democrats are not and the Democrats are for the elites and it is a little bit mind-blowing, but you’re seeing it every day.

And I point out that, you know, if you just look at the school board members that got recalled. That was 80 percent margin in San Francisco, in San Francisco. So imagine in a swing county or a swing state, there’s not that many left but that margin is going to be, it’s just incredible for republicans this year.

RIVERA: Do you — is it incredible, judge? I mean you’re a politician, you were. Do you sense that these midterms will be the route that these (inaudible) you’re saying?

PIRRO: Yes. I’ll tell you why, Geraldo, because they’re talking about these culture wars and Americans are talking about the issues that matter to them financially, gas, food prices, and safety-wise. And so everything that the left is doing from defunding the police to immigration, and by the way, January apparently was almost 200,000 people came through in January. I mean, the number —

RIVERA: Immigration, southern border.

PIRRO: Yes, in the southern border. So, which is like double what it was the month before. So Americans are saying to themselves we’re feeding and housing and educating all these people. We can’t afford to put food on the table. We can’t afford the gas prices. And these people are talking about wokeness.

Let me tell you, Virginia was a bellwether. This is a bellwether in San Francisco. And they want to say this is all because of Donald Trump and it’s all because of racism.

RIVERA: Closet Republicans.

PIRRO: And closet Republicans. There isn’t a closet Republican in San Francisco or anywhere near the joint.

PERINO: Has to be some closet.

PIRRO: And, yes, it’s got to be some closet, but it’s real.

RIVERA: I’m a closet Republican. I mean, nobody knows I’m a Republican until they read Wikipedia. You know, preachy, judgmental, Greg.


RIVERA: I mean, people get annoyed with that.

GUTFELD: Yes. Well, wokism is not the opposite of any political party. It’s the opposite of forgiveness. That’s why everybody is so disgusted by it. We predicted this. It’s a one — it’s a 100 percent kind of political entity like Marxism or Maoism. It’s not a human behavior. It’s a construct that this human has to be forced into, right, that’s why nobody likes it, it’s — but — except for academics who live in some kind of abstract universe.

And somehow this infection intimidated itself into the Democratic Party but now it’s eating the party from inside. The solution I see is that that you need — Democrats need to have — Democrat leaders find former woksters to de-program the current wokesters. This is what you did with cults in the 1970s.

RIVERA: I did the story.

GUTFELD: Yes, they didn’t — bring former members of a cult in. But right now, what you’re seeing from “Morning Joe,” the alar strategy, which is to act like a Republican. So suddenly, you know, you’re tough on crime, you want to cut taxes, you restore the order of priorities. That’s because you want to win and so that raises the question.

If it takes being a Republican to win, why don’t you just be a Republican? Why do you if the — if the population wants this stuff and you agree that it’s important, why do you pretend to be a Democrat when guys are — when times are good and then become a Republican when times are bad?

RIVERA: Well, it’ll be interesting to see how many stick with it. Remember when Barack Obama said Bin Laden is dead and General Motors is alive?


RIVERA: Well there’s a new one. Build Back Better is dead, COVID is alive, inflation is rising. Can he shake — can the president —

WATTERS: Who came up with that one?

RIVERA: Not me, but —

WATTERS: Closeted Republican Geraldo.

RIVERA: So, the fact though the question is, can the Democrats shake off this burden?

WATTERS: No, they can’t shake inflation, that’s for sure. And they can’t shake off gas prices —

RIVERA: And they can’t get Build Back Better.

WATTERS: — or crime or the open border. That’s too much to shake off. They got cocky because they won a few culture wars. Remember, they won gay marriage, they won marijuana legalization, but they lost the war on Christmas, Geraldo. And then they lost the vax mandate.

RIVERA: You and O’Reilly waged that one.

WATTERS: That’s right. I’m claiming victory for myself.

RIVERA: You get a purple heart.

WATTERS: And then they — and the reason why they were losing, many reasons why they’re losing this particular woke culture war is they went in with a divided army. Most of the Democrats don’t even want this crazy stuff. Do you think Charles Barkley, Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, the guy on HBO, Bill Maher, these guys snicker behind the scenes at 37 genders.

They’re always taking pictures with police officers. They don’t buy that garbage. White working class Democrats, black working class Democrats, they don’t get into all this stuff. They just want safety and good schools and a regular life.

The problem is you have this sliver of insanity and that’s mostly in college campuses, pundits on television and Congress that push this wicked stuff and they’re so loud and obnoxious, the rest of the party is like, okay, okay, just relax. And they don’t want to say anything because they don’t want to get canceled themselves.

And now it’s out of control. I think the real reason besides Twitter made people so crazy on the left is COVID. They stop going outside and talking to regular people. They used to have little clambakes, remember? Politicians used to go to barbecues. They used to shake hands in the district.

They used to meet people and they used to get a vibe for the country about what the country was feeling. They don’t have that anymore. So the quicker that COVID is over, the quicker Democrats could get back to normal.

RIVERA: What happened with the Democratic Party is that the most active members like AOC in the squad, they stole the march on the old school Democrats. They were trying to figure out what was going on and AOC was so far ahead of them grabbing all the headlines and all the issues and, you know, credit (inaudible).

PERINO: You know what they should — Nancy Pelosi should have squashed all of that the day that Alexandria-Ocasio Cortez boycotted her office about climate change on the very first day. They didn’t do that. They accommodated her and now they have to sit in this.

RIVERA: Now they have to sit in it. Ahead, Black Lives Matter bailing out one of their activists who tried to assassinate another Jewish political candidate after this.


PERINO: A Black Lives Matter chapter helping to bail out an activist charged with trying to assassinate a Jewish Kentucky mayoral candidate. Police say 21-year-old Quintez Brown stormed into the candidate’s campaign headquarters and opened fire. Luckily nobody was hurt but the candidate’s shirt was grazed by a bullet.

Now Brown is charged with attempted murder, but he’s back on the street after posting a $100,000 bail. He is known as a prominent Black Lives Matter and defund the police activist. BLM defends freeing the suspect saying, “The guy we bailed out needed our support.” And Greg, the other thing is, is that BLM Louisville today said that nobody deserves to be in jail whether they are violent or not.

GUTFELD: Oh, wow, my god.

RIVERA: That makes sense.

GUTFELD: You know, he went on Joy Reid to talk about gun control. Apparently, he want to make sure everybody else didn’t have guns. But the only difference between a political assassination and this is that he was a lousy aim. I mean, if Sirhan Sirhan had failed, would we give him another shot, too? I mean, think about this logic here. I’ll never understand why we treat attempted murderers and murderers differently —

PERINO: Right.

GUTFELD: — when the intent is the same. Isn’t it always about intent? And I love how the — was it the “Vegas Sun” blame this on Republican extremism and then when everybody called him out, they made a change in the editorial hoping nobody would see what they had done. But if this — if there was any integrity left, the “Vegas Sun” should be going down, but I mean that as a metaphor. I don’t mean like actually going down, but — because I don’t want people to say I’m threatening them. But to make one last point, please, one last point.

PERINO: Yes. Yes.

GUTFELD: The press is —

RIVERA: I feel threatened.

GUTFELD: The press is doxing people who give 40 bucks to a peaceful cause. Why don’t they find out who paid for that bail, the actual people if you — if you if you want to play fair?


GUTFELD: They just got an attempted murderer out.

PERINO: And control room, play that — play that sound bite. This is a — I understand it’s a flashback, I believe. Quintez Brown, this is the suspect. Watch here.


QUINTEZ BROWN, SUSPECT: Where I come from is — I feel less safe in my community. And so, like, I love how it emphasizes — it’s like, this isn’t a school safety issue — like, school safety issue. This is a gun violence issue because gun violence is not for schools, but communities, churches, clubs everywhere.

So, in school — and it’s very hard to feel safe now because it’s like a war zone.


PERINO: So, judge bailing him out on $100,000. Is that how we’re going to deal with gun violence?

PIRRO: Well, apparently, that’s how they’re going to deal with it. And the amazing part of it is that this guy not only talked about — talked against guns and the possession of guns, but this is a guy who’s claiming that he’s suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome because of the pandemic, that he’s all stressed out. He’s got mental issues, and therefore he can’t be in jail, and therefore they had to raise his $100,000 to let the guy go.

Look, attempted murder is just one step down for murder, OK. And it’s treated in terms of the time, just a little less than the actual time for the murder. But they don’t take it that way. What’s happening now is that there’s a whole restructuring of the criminal justice system where they say, Hey, nobody got hurt, what’s the big deal? Hey, they only sold this much from Walmart. What’s the big deal? Hey, you know, he got shot, but he’s going to survive.

And this guy is — you know, he is — he is out there connecting with apparently, the Black nationalist militia group. And he’s some peace lover rising faced by Barack Obama in 2019. And at the bail hearing, they actually say, he was involved in the racial justice protest in 2020. In the racial justice protests, that’s when they were burning down the streets and telling people.

RIVERA: Not all of them.

PIRRO: Not all of them? Well, what do you think of this guy who gets a gun and goes and shoot another Jew —

RIVERA: No, I think —

PIRRO: Excuse me? Another Jew is a target.

RIVERA: Stop with the Jew. It’s always Jews. Jews —


PIRRO: How do you know it’s not the Jews? Jews have been targets for — you’re the Jew on the table.

RIVERA: When you look at that video, you have to —

PIRRO: Why am I worried about it? You’re not.

RIVERA: Thank you, thank you. Like my Catholic sides work. I look at that video of that young fellow and I hear what he was saying about gun violence in the community. And all I feel is a tremendous sense of tragedy. What happened to that young man who was on the trajectory from, from being in the ghetto, to being a, an a community activist that wants to help people and make people’s lives better, and use the process to, you know, liberate people.

PIRRO: You know what happened?

RIVERA: What happened? Yes.

PIRRO: He made a choice. He made a choice to hate. He made a choice to get a gun and he made a choice to shoot a human being that he didn’t like. That’s what happened to him. It’s nobody else’s fault, but he chose. End of that story. Put him in jail.

RIVERA: You don’t want to know why he did it?

PIRRO: No, I don’t care. I don’t care what their problem was before. I care about the victim today. I care about the guy who’s afraid to go out because people are shooting at him. I care about —


RIVERA: And do you — do you feel heartbroken at this young man who was apparently needing —

PIRRO: No, I’m not heartbroken about him at all. I’m angry with him. And that’s the problem people don’t —

RIVERA: Anger is fine, but he couldn’t mentally ill.

PIRRO: People don’t — people don’t take it personally. And you know what, if he’s mentally ill —

RIVERA: I’m not — it’s not about the bail — it’s not about the bail issue.

PERINO: If it was a right — if it was someone who identified with a right- wing group, that conversation would be — would be very different.

GUTFELD: They’d be — and also, we could be blaming this all on Joy Reid because that’s what she would do if a person like that was on this show.

PERINO: Right.

WATTERS: No, no, no. Joy Reid’s producer. They’re the bookers. It’s always the producer’s fault, right?

PERINO: One of the things that Senator Mitch McConnell from the area of the state but also Louisville, he said that since 2020, there’s this long list of prominent corporations, they’ve all donated to BLM, and then you don’t hear anything more from them after something like this.

WATTERS: What if you’re a regular donor? Say, I’m a Black guy who live in Louisville and I just gave $1,000 to BLM and I see they use the money to bail out a would-be assassin.

PIRRO: Right.

WATTERS: Or the money went to pay for someone’s mansion. How do you think I’d feel? I gave that money to help Black justice causes, like victims’ family.

RIVERA: Well, how do you feel about dark money?

WATTERS: And it’s paying for Black assassins?

RIVERA: How do you feel about that dark money?

WATTERS: What do you mean dark money, Geraldo?

RIVERA: I believe that everybody who gives to any candidate or any cause should have — that should be printed in (INAUDIBLE).

PERINO: OK, but how do you feel about bailing out a —


RIVERA: No darkness. Should we pull this closure?

WATTERS: Geraldo, it’s not like you — it’s not like you donate to your college —

RIVERA: Including the truckers in Canada.

WATTERS: And can you can like, check a box.

RIVERA: I want to know who gave them the money.

WATTERS: I want my donation to go to the athletic department. I want my — no, you put the money where the people need it. And they don’t need it to be bailed out after trying to shoot somebody. They don’t need it to go by fancy real state.

RIVERA: I agree. Attempted murder is not a bailable offense.

WATTERS: And even worst, Geraldo, if I’m a donor to BLM and I’m a just a regular Black guy in Louisville, and I see the Clintons just swooped in and now are in-charge of BLM’s missing $60 million.

PIRRO: Exactly.

WATTERS: I’m going to scratch mine and think, Geraldo. But what happened with the Haiti donations? What happened to those? Are they going to do the same thing with Haiti as they did this too?

RIVERA: I was there. I was there 2010. I was there.

WATTERS: You can trust these people.

GUTFELD: What about — what about Kamala Harris? Kamala Harris help bail out —

PIRRO: Hey, you know, Marc Elias —

GUTFELD: — bail out the person who ended up killing somebody.

RIVERA: Well, you shouldn’t get a bail for attempted murder anyway.

WATTERS: Way to judge along, Geraldo.

PIRRO: Oh, really? Thank God.

PERINO: Well, we can agree on that. All right, coming up, President Biden looking to raise his sinking polls with a big agenda reset, but will voters buy it?


PIRRO: President Biden is looking to reboot his agenda to try and save his failing presidency. Biden now road testing his economic message with a trip to Ohio today and for good reason. His approval is dismal in a new Quinnipiac poll. Just 37 percent of voters think he’s doing a good job. And inflation topping the list of issues Americans are most worried about. Biden doing his best to put a positive spin.


JOE BIDEN, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: We’re bringing manufacturing jobs back taking supply chains back home from abroad, so we have a better jobs and lower prices.


PIRRO: All right, I’ll start with you, Dana.


PIRRO: With President Biden at, what is that, 37 percent approval rating, I mean, does anyone believe that he can turn this around?

PERINO: Well, so I keep trying to see what they’re going to announce ahead of the State of the Union to try to make us believe that there is a pivot coming. And I just — every day, I give great ideas and nothing ever comes of it.

I think that his trips to Ohio and Virginia are considered these do no harm type of trips, because he can’t hurt the Democrats in those states any more than they already are. He lost Ohio by eight, in Virginia, I think, a similar amount. Arizona, Georgia, New Hampshire, and Nevada — now, if he were to go to those states, those are the swing states where the Senate races really matter. He would be seen as like a force for good for helping Democrats, but he’s not going there.

PIRRO: Why not?

PERINO: Because he would be seen as hurting somebody like a Senator Mark Kelly who is trying to run for reelection or Raphael Warnock. Remember what happened when he went to Georgia with Kamala Harris, and all of a sudden Stacey Abrams had a scheduling conflict and she couldn’t attend a speech on the most important issue that she works on, voting rights?

So, I think that they’re having him go out on the road, because if you remember, a month ago, they said the problem with his approval ratings is that they don’t communicate well enough. And then he wanted to get out, see the people, and that’s what they’re trying to do here. We’ll see if it works. I don’t — I’m skeptical.

PIRRO: OK. All right, Jesse, let’s assume that — he’s talking about infrastructure in Ohio. Do Americans want to hear about infrastructure?

WATTERS: No. We only like infrastructure when the construction is finished. We hate construction during construction. It’s just a bunch of traffic and hammering. We like when the politician comes and cuts the ribbon when it’s over.

GUTFELD: I love the giant scissors.

WATTERS: But until the giant scissors cuts the ribbon, we hate it. Plus, none of these things are even off the ground yet. None of the money has been dispersed. They haven’t even put a shovel in the dirt. So, what’s it going to be, three, 10, 15 years later before anything happens?

GUTFELD: We’ll be dead.

WATTERS: The problem is — well, you probably will by the way you eat. The problem is his economic message is jammed up. Because you can say, oh yes, wages are up, but inflation kills that. You could say the market is up but it’s real choppy. You could say jobs are up, but not to where they were before COVID started.

So, all he does is talk about the good things and he doesn’t ever address the bad things. So, when the Americans hear that, they think this guy’s clueless.

PIRRO: Well, with inflation being — 27 percent of Americans think it’s the number one issue, Greg? I mean, does this guy have any credibility? Does he have any hope?

GUTFELD: I was thinking about this. How the inflation as an issue is like crime and that it becomes a result of this changing class division. The left in media and politics and entertainment, to them, inflation just means their (INAUDIBLE) is $65 instead of $55. Or their lift tickets just went up a bit in Aspen. But that’s not going to stop the rich Democrats from skiing.

Basically, inflation is an absorbable cost for a rich liberal’s fantasy. They can pay it just the same way they can protect themselves from crime. Meanwhile, everybody else can’t. Everybody else who actually looks at prices on products tries to get stuff on sale, inflation isn’t some invisible byproduct of big government.

PIRRO: Yes. All right, Geraldo, shouldn’t it be they’re making some changes in the White House with the staff?

RIVERA: Oh, yes, they should definitely —

PIRRO: Who should they get rid of?

WATTERS: Himself.

RIVERA: The chief of staff.

PIRRO: Ron Klain?

RIVERA: Yes, Klain. Get him out of there. But I have a different take on Biden in Ohio, which is my home state right now. Lorraine is the city west of Cleveland, a storied port city where they used to build 1000 foot long ships, big steel mill up the river there, deepwater river. This announcement was electrifying today that he’s going to spend $2 billion of the Build Back Better — not the Build Back Better, the infrastructure —

PIRRO: Infrastructure, right.

RIVERA: For a submarine construction base there.

WATTERS: That’s good.

RIVERA: Three, 4000 permanent employees.

PIRRO: That’s good.

RIVERA: You know, Lorraine was a place where many Puerto Ricans came after World War II to build ships. So, this is a great thing for the Great Lakes if it happens. Jesse’s point is well taken. You know, it’s one thing to talk about it or to dig the first shovel. But the people on the — my radio show WTAM, Geraldo in Cleveland this morning were very, very electrified. They were excited that this project is coming.

PIRRO: Good. I’m happy for them Ahead in “THE FASTEST” —

RIVERA: Thank you. Come visit. We’ll take you for a submarine —

PIRRO: — the video we can’t stop talking about. What was the Ram star quarterback thinking?


WATTERS: Welcome back. Time for “THE FASTEST.” Do we do animation or what? This is not right. LA Rams — LA Rams star quarterback Matt Stafford having the time of his life while celebrating during the team’s Super Bowl parade. But he’s getting savaged online over the way reacted to this.

Matt Stafford just turning away after a female photographer took a nasty fall off that stage. Thankfully, the QB’s wife Kelly actually tried to help. Poor woman says she suffered a fractured spine, but is feeling OK. Now, Stafford says he’s going to cover all her hospital bills.

PIRRO: He should.

WATTERS: And replace her cameras. Now, I’m going to take an artificial stance here just —


WATTERS: You know, maybe Stafford, Jeanine, is squeamish.

PIRRO: Are you kidding me?

WATTERS: And he gets lightheaded and he can’t be near that kind of trauma.

PERINO: No. Look at him. He said, oh my God and he walks away.

PIRRO: Is he a football player?


PIRRO: You think he’s squeamish?

WATTERS: It was an artificial stance, Judge.

PIRRO: No, he’s a selfish man.

GUTFELD: Wait, let’s take a closer look at this video, OK. Here — let’s — see that woman right there? She pushes a button.

WATTERS: You think it’s an inside job?

GUTFELD: Yes. Somebody pushed a button and a trapdoor open and she fell. Watch it. She pushes the button.

RIVERA: How do you make fun of this when she’s fractured?

PIRRO: See, he said, oh. He knew how much trouble she was in.

GUTFELD: You’re covering wall to wall tonight on my show, Geraldo.

PIRRO: That’s disgusting. He ought to be ashamed of him.

RIVERA: But maybe he didn’t appreciate the —

PIRRO: He didn’t appreciate? You know what? If a woman goes down from the stage, he should appreciate —

PERINO: He should try to help her up. I mean, it’s terrible.

GUTFELD: It’s pretty far down, but you’re right. But the other thing too, and I said it during the break. What is with the drink and the water? Oh, I got it. This is very — this is really parch my throat. I better hydrate.

PERINO: Oh, my God. I better hydrate.

PIRRO: He’s choking.

WATTERS: He can’t afford to be dehydrated. He’s a Super Bowl champion. You don’t want to take any risk with your —

PIRRO: He said, Oh. See?

RIVERA: This was —

WATTERS: Maybe he didn’t want to hurt himself picking her up off the ground.

RIVERA: Yes, was particularly —

WATTERS: You know, he’s got a big contract he wants to repeat next year.

GUTFELD: That’s all he does.

WATTERS: Again, artificial stance.

PERINO: I’m not even going to offer to hold your hand for that one. Look how he walks away. How casual is that.

GUTFELD: And then, he just walks away. I don’t know why you don’t —

WATTERS: You know, the Eagles quarterback, Jalen Hurts, he would have rescued that woman.

PERINO: Yes, of course.

GUTFELD: Now, he turns around. We cut it off, but he turns around and walks away.

RIVERA: I would have caught her midair.

WATTERS: You would have caught her midair, Geraldo?

RIVERA: I thin — I think —


PERINO: You think that Joe Burrow wouldn’t have reached down and helped that lady?

RIVERA: Joe Burrow would. Joe Burrow would.

WATTERS: He would have swept —


GUTFELD: Look at him. That’s the important part.

PIRRO: That’s the kind of guy that you don’t want to be involved with.

WATTERS: This is turning into a male-bashing segment and I will not stand for it.

PIRRO: No. You know what?

RIVERA: That was very douchie, very douchie.

PERINO: Is that a word?

WATTERS: All right. Geraldo, I don’t even think Greg has said that before. Clean it up. “ONE MORE THING” is next.


GUTFELD: Time now for “ONE MORE THING.” Jesse, kick it off, please.

WATTERS: Today, marks one year since Rush Limbaugh’s death. He was the best. Everybody loved Limbaugh. Enormous figure in talk radio, in politics. He touched my life, touched millions of Americans’ lives. And his wife, Kathryn, sat down with an exclusive interview with our very own Ainsley Earhardt. And she’s spoke about Rush’s lasting legacy. Listen.


KATHRYN ADAMS LIMBAUGH, WIFE OF RUSH LIMBAUGH: He’s one of a kind. He always led us to believe that America’s best days are ahead. He would say I’m just a voice on the radio, but he was so much more.


WATTERS: Yes, we love you, Rush. And we will always love you. Rest in peace. Tonight, “JESSE WATTERS PRIMETIME,” we sent a few producers to Hillary Clinton’s big Democrats speech here in Manhattan and cause a little trouble, asked a few questions, and they almost kicked us out.

PERINO: Oh, boy.

WATTERS: So, watch that. And we have the woman who got doxxed in Canada for that donation. She’ll be appearing also exclusively.

PERINO: Awesome.

GUTFELD: There you go. Geraldo.

RIVERA: Time for Geraldo’s Geraldo News with Geraldo. The College of Staten Island put on an amazing forum yesterday. It was on Zoom. There were 1000 people participating. It’s 50 years since the Willowbrook story, the College of Staten Island is on the same grounds as Willowbrook. So, that awful place has become a college, part of the City University.

Bernard Carabello who was a resident of Willowbrook was there. Eric Goldberg, self-advocate was there. Ken Wamma from Indiana University, Catherine Lavender, doctor at College of Staten Island. It was wonderful. It really is. It was very touching. It was the first time I’d seen that film, the whole film of the original Willowbrook Expose from 50 years ago in many decades. So, I was sobbing like old men do and it was it was very touching, very touching.


PERINO: So, there was another man who has been sobbing a lot, Bill Hemmer, because the Bengals lost. And here — so, when he flew home from the Super Bowl, he watched the whole game again.



PERINO: And so, there’s a — here’s — we have live video. We have the video. That’s him on the plane. He was like, why am I hitting myself?

WATTERS: Oh, no, Hemmer.

PERINO: Why am I hitting myself like this little hen here? Poor Hemmer.

WATTERS: Maybe next year.

PERINO: He says that by Monday he’ll feel a little better.

WATTERS: Did he take the day off?

RIVERA: Why did they let the chicken do that? It’s like chicken — it’s like chicken abuse.

GUTFELD: All right, Judge.

PIRRO: OK. So, today, I found out about a Georgia mom. Her name is Linda Durance who is opening a free boutique for children in need in Glenville, Georgia. She and her husband lost their daughter and they met and decided to adopt two foster kids.

When the foster kids came to them, they showed up with garbage bags with very little in those bags. Neither of the girls even had a hairbrush. So, what she decided was that she would open a shop after adopting those two girls. And they first had met the girls at the — in a church that they attended. And their strong faith in God and in the face of grief, they wanted to make a difference in the community. They are very special people.

Families will be able to visit the new store when Blossom opens, and they can get seven sets of clothes every quarter for seasonal changes, or more frequently if a child has a major size change. So, donations of all kinds can be sent directly to the Blossom store in Glenville, Georgia. And by the way, they are now opening up a part of the store for infants to high schoolers as well.

These are good people doing good things. God bless them.

GUTFELD: There you go.

PERINO: Indeed.

GUTFELD: I might check it out and see if they have anything in my size.

PIRRO: Yes, well, infants to high schoolers.

GUTFELD: There you go.

PERINO: Nicely done.


GUTFELD: Animals are great. Animals are great. Animals are great.


GUTFELD: Yes, you know, things are really, really tough at CNN. They can’t get anybody to work over there. They’re even going into the animal kingdom to hire for office assistants. This is in the — this is in the newsroom at CNN. This is one of the office assistants. I think this might be — it could be Jake Tapper’s assistant, who knows. I don’t know.

And there he is getting the copies out of the of the copier, doing a fantastic job. Apparently, the entire newsroom is filled with animals.

RIVERA: I think you have a bird obsession.

GUTFELD: No, it’s — yes, I have.

WATTERS: Not a bird obsession.

GUTFELD: I have an animal obsession. That’s what it is.

All right, that’s it for us. “SPECIAL REPORT” is up next. Hey, Bret.

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