Rep. Kevin Brady: Biden’s Plan To Fix Inflation Will Only Make Things Worse For Americans – FOX News Radio

Texas Republican Congressman Kevin Brady joins Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla to share his reaction to President Biden’s first State of the Union address.

During his 62-minute speech, the President touched on a variety of issues, including the situation in Ukraine, inflation, the American tax system, securing the Southern border, crime and COVID-19. Rep. Brady thinks Biden’s plan to fix inflation by lowering costs as opposed to wages does not make any sense.

“I think he’s just divorced from reality when it comes to the economy. And you know, if you’re a family worried about high prices, you’ve just given back three years of your gains that you got under President Trump, you heard nothing that’s going to help you lower those prices. If you’re a small businessperson struggling to find workers to keep your doors open, you heard nothing last night to address this. In fact, if anything, I think his obsession with Build Back Better, there’s no question that spending will drive up inflation. The tax hikes will end up in higher prices and be an economic surrender to Russia, to China, Europe and others. And so yeah, he’s just stuck on that. And I’ll be honest, he doesn’t understand the economy, just as when he and in President Obama were in office. That’s why my conclusion, just watching the speech, it just struck me. You know, all Americans, especially people of color, prospered in the economy under President Trump. All Americans, especially people of color, are suffering in the economy under President Biden.”

Later, Georgia Republican Congressman Drew Ferguson checks in and tells Jimmy why Biden’s energy policies are hurting our country, especially in light of the current war between Russia and Ukraine.

To hear what else Rep. Brady and Rep. Ferguson had to say, listen to the podcast!

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