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ABC late night host Jimmy Kimmel mocked former President Trump on Monday for appearing on a podcast with the Nelk Boys, a popular group of content creators who have amassed 7.27 million subscribers and over one billion views on YouTube. 

“Maralado is making the rounds, he was on a podcast hosted by – this is really something – a small group of Youtubers known as the Nelk Boys,” Kimmel said. “These guys, they show up in Mar A Lago in sweatshirts and shorts, logos all over their clothes, Trump sits down for an hour with them, during a war, to answer the dopiest questions.”

“One of the great things about Trump is it doesn’t matter who’s interviewing him, it can be George Stephanopoulos or three doofuses who brought a 12 pack of hard seltzer along with them, he’s gonna answer the same way.” 


Jimmy Kimmel hosted the 72nd Emmy Awards which saw a 20-percent drop in viewership. (The Television Academy and ABC Entertainment via AP)

Jimmy Kimmel hosted the 72nd Emmy Awards which saw a 20-percent drop in viewership. (The Television Academy and ABC Entertainment via AP)

Kyle Forgeard, a member of the Nelk Boys group and cohost of the Full Send Podcast, responded to Kimmel on Tuesday, blasting him as “washed up and irrelevant.”

“This ‘small group of youtubers’ has way more viewers than you buddy,” Forgeard tweeted. “Kimmel used to be way funnier but now is just washed up and irrelevant.”

The Nelk Boys’ “Full Send Podcast,” has previously hosted figures like UFC President Dana White, former UFC Champion Khabib Nurmagomedov, Jamie Foxx, and others. 

The 27-year-old also slammed ABC’s parent company, Disney. 

“Only reason you even get any views is cause Disney owns your show so youtube forces it onto everyone’s home pages,” he added. 

Former President Trump

Former President Trump (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

Tim Dillon, a popular comedian and host of the Tim Dillon Show, commented how it appears Kimmel is unhappy about being outworked by “younger” and “more creative” people. 

“The older generation was bought off years ago and are now being replaced by younger, harder working, and more creative people. And they’re not taking it well,” Dillon tweeted


The Nelk Boys’ interview with Trump was deleted by YouTube for violating the company’s “misinformation policy.” The interview went viral, amassing over 5 million views in less than 24 hours. 

During the podcast, the former President accurately predicted YouTube would censor him and delete the podcast. After the interview concluded, one of the members of the Nelk Boys, gifted Trump with a $100,000 Rolex watch. 

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