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Sean Hannity drew attention to the reality on the ground in Ukraine, warning that what happens with Russia and Ukraine will have “reverberations all over the world” Friday on “Hannity.”

SEAN HANNITY: Tonight we are nearly a month into Putin’s hostile invasion of a sovereign country. Ukraine and Russian forces are very much stalled all over the country. Now, no matter what happens moving forward, this war has been a humiliating disaster for Vladimir Putin, and now the little murdering thug that he is is lashing out. This morning, Russia launched a missile attack in western Ukraine and in the south, we continue to see relentless shelling of civilian areas. Now, the same type of medieval siege would also be happening in Kyiv, but thus far, Russian forces have totally failed to encircle Ukraine’s capital city. Good news for Ukraine. Russia’s military performance has been incredibly pathetic, but in coming days and weeks, you can expect the carnage, the bloodshed to increase as Putin desperately looks for a way to save face. And meanwhile, back at home in Moscow, Putin is facing more humiliation. Russia’s currency has now crashed. Moscow’s stock market has been shut down for weeks. Anti-war protests have erupted all over the country, and today during a big, manufactured pro-Putin rally in Moscow — his best attempt to look like Donald Trump — there were some embarrassing technical difficulties during Vladimir’s big speech.


Russian President Vladimir Putin. (Russian Presidential Press Service via AP)

Russian President Vladimir Putin. (Russian Presidential Press Service via AP) (Russian Presidential Press Service via AP)


According to reports, the stadium was filled with thousands of government workers who were required to attend. Unlike a Trump rally, anyone in Russia who voices opposition to Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine — they’re thrown in jail. Vladimir Putin is not in a good place, and right now, the world is facing an extremely dangerous and critical tipping point. And what happens in Russia and Ukraine will have reverberations all over the world. But guess what? Our fearless leader, Joe Biden — he’s taking another weekend in Delaware. A lot of ice cream, a lot of nap time. And before heading out, Joe did have a call with China’s President, President Xi, to discuss Ukraine and other issues of mutual concern. Now, I hope someone reminded Joe that China is not to be trusted. They have their own territorial ambitions. In the lead-up to Putin’s invasion, the Biden administration, they shared U.S. intel with China and asked them to discourage Russia from attacking. China did the exact opposite, and they immediately gave our intelligence to Vladimir Putin and Russia. 

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