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NEIL CAVUTO, FOX NEWS ANCHOR: That that’s the kind of stuff that could end it. We’ll see you tomorrow. THE FIVE is now.

JEANINE PIRRO, FOX NEWS HOST: Hello, everyone. I’m Judge Jeanine Pirro, along with Jessica Tarlov, Jesse Watters, Katie Pavlich, and Greg Gutfeld.

It’s five o’clock in New York City, and this is THE FIVE.

President — President Biden embarrassing himself on the world stage while trying to show NATO is united against Russia. Biden in Poland today visiting U.S. troops and refugees. That comes after the commander-in-chief directly contradicted what his own administration has been saying for weeks about sanctions deterring Russia.


JOE BIDEN, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: Let’s get something straight, do you remember if you covered me from the very beginning I did not say that in fact, the sanctions would deter him. Sanctions never deter. You keep talking about that. Sanctions never deter.

UNKNOWN: Do you believe the actions will have an impact and make Russia change course in Ukraine?

BIDEN: That’s not what I said. You are playing a game with me.

UNKNOWN: The president believes that sanctions are intended to deter.

KAMALA HARRIS, VICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: The purpose of the sanctions has always been, and continues to be deterrence.

ANTONY BLINKEN, U.S. SECRETARY OF STATE: The purpose of the sanctions in the first instance is to try to deter Russia from going to war.

JEN PSAKI, WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY: We do see them as having a deterrent impact.


PIRRO: And now Biden is causing even more confusion overseas by telling American troops in Poland that they may soon be sent off to Ukraine.


BIDEN: Ukrainian people have a lot of backbone, they have a lot of guts. And I’m sure you’re observing it. And I don’t mean just in military. And you are going to see when you’re there and (Inaudible) have been there. You are going to see, you’re going to see women, young people stand — standing in the middle of — in front of a damn tank who’s just saying I’m not leaving. I’m holding my ground.


PIRRO: The White House quickly coming out to mop up Joe’s mess insisting American troops won’t be going to Ukraine. All right, I’ll start with you, Greg. So, we’ve got this constant back and forth between the president and the White House. Let’s talk about sending troops to Ukraine. He is talking to the 82nd Airborne. He is literally over there in Eastern Europe and telling them they will be there and you will witness it. He even use that verb as well, see it.

GREG GUTFELD, FOX NEWS CO-HOST: I don’t know what the hell he was talking about. That is — that is — it’s pretty scary. I mean, when Trump would say something that was considered rash, it was directly true. That’s directionally insane because it’s running complete 100 miles away from the truth or at least, or maybe that is the truth and maybe we’re being lied to, we don’t know.

When Joe talks to the world you feel a kind of a mild embarrassment like when you go out to dinner with a relative who is not quite all there and you hope that she doesn’t snap at the waitress or conk out at the dessert tray. But what you see is what you get. It’s not like, it’s like you always heard about Trump being different behind the scenes. He was like a — he was like a presidential mallet in reserve, party in the front, but serious in the back so he would flatter a leader but then get the brass tacks somewhere else.

But now there’s a story emerging or maybe it’s just a theory I made up because it’s Friday. You know Putin took Crimea under Obama and invaded Ukraine under Joe. And why is that? Because the administrations are essentially the same and they have the same predictable nature. So what was — what was that gap in between? It was Trump. Why did Putin hold off? Because Trump’s brand is unpredictability.

How can anybody deny this? Putin was like, maybe I better not do it while that guy is around because who knows what he is going to do, he might ball my palace. So right now he –Biden is kind of a hood ornament for the Obama administration and knew that he could pull it off. And then he invades which is a clear violation of international law, it causes a lot of brutality because well, he knew he could.

JESSE WATTERS, FOX NEWS HOST: Maybe he was being unpredictable.


PIRRO: Yes, yes. Well, he was certainly unpredictable as it relates to his claims that sanctions would never deter Russia from going after Ukraine, Jesse.

WATTERS: You don’t hand Biden a hot mic next to a war zone. The guy is —


WATTERS: — asked from this trip, it’s Friday, you strap a teleprompter to his eyeballs and you let it rip. This, we can’t risk something this crazy and then the White House comes and mops it up like he’s some drunk celebrity. What my client meant to say was the exact opposite of what he did say.

And it’s not just that, it’s the deterrence they’re on the wrong page. Remember when he said, you know, if they take a tiny chunk of Ukraine, maybe we won’t do anything.


WATTERS: Or how about he shares the intel with the Chinese, the Chinese just hand it to the Kremlin. The MiG fiasco. The Russians and the Saudis won’t take his phone calls. This is a mess. And they act like it’s not a mess is a real problem. Right now, we don’t know if Biden misspoke and he is not planning on that or he’s planning on it and he slipped.

Now, how scary is that? And you got to think the Russians are looking at this six ways from Sunday trying to figure out what’s going on here. We don’t know what’s going on here either.

PIRRO: OK, Katie, there is a sound I want you to take a listen to and we’ll come to you on the other side of it.


BIDEN: Putin has issued Russia’s energy resources, that’s of course manipulated its neighbors as Saudi has used it. He’s used the profits to drive his war machine. That’s why earlier this month I announced the United States would ban all imports of Russia energy to make it clear that the American people would not part of — the United States and the European Union are going to work together to take concrete measures to reduce dependence on natural gas.


PIRRO: OK. Now what’s interesting about that, Katie, is that the Treasury Department has assured Wall Street that it can still trade Russian oil and gas through June 24th.


PIRRO: So what does he mean? Does he mean anything that he says?

PAVLICH: He is talking about the ban on imports of Russian gas and oil but the sanctions on that don’t go in place until June unless and maybe if they even do that. You all remember that Donald Trump, President Donald Trump in 2019 had a very harsh meeting with the head of NATO talking about this exact same thing.

You are spending money with Russia, they are going to manipulate you and use it as a weapon. They laughed at him and said he is being too harsh and didn’t want the alliance to maintain its credibility. When really, he was saying, your decisions in terms with business and who you allow to control your energy sector are going to hold you hostage once things get hot and now that’s exactly where we are.

On the communication standpoint, miscommunications lead to miscalculations which cause wars. That’s how wars start. And then communication from this administration has been so sloppy when it comes to what they say, what they actually mean.

And bringing up President Obama in 2014, you know, in Syria the president there called Obama’s bluff when he drew a red line and he didn’t follow up with it and Russia also called his bluff and they went into Syria and they’ve been there ever since helping with the civilian annihilation in that country.

And now they are doing it in Ukraine knowing that Joe Biden says a lot of things that maybe he doesn’t mean or if he’s unclear about it. President Trump he said what he meant and they took them seriously. That’s not the case in this situation and people who are in the United States military stationed in NATO countries happening right now are very nervous about a misstatement turning into a miscalculation —

PIRRO: True.

PAVLICH: — in a very volatile situation.

PIRRO: You know, and Jessica, Biden has been boasting that he’s going to get Europe off od Russian oil even though we’re maxed out on our domestic natural gas production. And he’s not increasing the supply. How is he going to do that?

JESSICA TARLOV, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: I think that he’s going to have to. He did say when we was in Pennsylvania that he wasn’t completely anti- fracking. I mean, we only had 3 percent of our oil coming from Russia in the first place. But what he’s trying to manage is, you know, 10, 15, 20 countries and how they are going to have a relationship with Russia.


PIRRO: How about he just manage this country and get us oil?

TARLOV: Well, he is. But — but this is not just about us. We just saw that a Saudi refinery got blown up today and the price of oil spiked right back into $113 a barrel, it was down to $96 just a few days ago. There are obviously global factors that’s obviously not related to what’s going on in Ukraine/Russia at all and that can happen and that can slash our supply.

I understand what you want me to say is that he is just going to frack us into oblivion and then we’ll be completely energy independent —


TARLOV: — and everything will be fine.

PIRRO: I want you to say anything.

TARLOV: Really?

PIRRO: Say whatever you want to say.

TARLOV: Well, I said that because, well, Greg at least wanted me to say that.


TARLOV: Yes. But I want to say something about the communications part of this. I don’t think that the 82nd Airborne or anyone is confused about what we’re doing about troops because he misspoke. I do think that what he was saying was, by being in this region you are going to see the strength of the Ukrainians. They are streaming into Poland right now. Right? Walking across the borders.

We hear about mothers walking with three pets and five children picking up kids by the side of the road. I think that’s what he was talking about. And it does seem like everybody is unified here. And I would put it to the table, what would our Republican president or someone besides Biden who you think is more confident be doing any differently at this point?

Because to my mind, all I see is that your option is that we’re putting troops or putting boots on the ground and then we’re possibly heading to a nuclear war or we are continuing on this path.


PIRRO: You give them the — you give them the S-300. You give them the Iron Dome.

TARLOV: But that can — that can target war.

PIRRO: We should cower in the corner because we are afraid of what Putin is going to say?


TARLOV: Well, we’re not cowering. John Kirby has even said that we are doing more than we’re talking about publicly, which is how you want your government to operate.

PIRRO: They’re still — they’re still leveling the country. They’re still leveling.

TARLOV: They’re leveling the country but there are also, we’ll hear about that Putin’s inner circle is collapsing around him. By the way, that’s the effect of sanctions, right? Those are really rich people who are having their money sanctioned. We hear about there was a brigade where Russian troops killed their own commander because they didn’t want to fight this war anymore. And that’s all very meaningful. I’m not — I’m not saying tomorrow this will be over, but I think it’s really —


WATTERS: Say the thing we wanted you to say.


PIRRO: Coming up —


TARLOV: I already said fracking into oblivion.

PIRRO: Coming up, bare shelves. Biden is about to make a big comeback after what the president just said.


TARLOV: Americans may — may be facing more economic hardships. In addition to rising gas prices and inflation, President Biden now warning the country to get ready for an incoming food shortage because of the war in Ukraine.


BIDEN: With regard to food shortage, yes, we did. We — let’s talk about food shortages. And it’s going to be real. The price of these sanctions is not just imposed upon Russia. It’s imposed upon on awful lot of countries as well including European countries and our country as well.


TARLOV: According to a Fox News poll, voters are getting fed up and blaming the president and his policies for making the economy worse with 53 percent saying that he is at fault. Katie —

PAVLICH: Yes, ma’am.

TARLOV: I’m old enough to remember when everyone was complaining that Biden wasn’t shooting straight about these issues. And he’s obfuscating and now he is telling the truth. Shouldn’t this actually be applauded?

PAVLICH: I mean, it’s him telling the truth should be applauded, but the fact that we are in America in the year 2020 with a food shortage should not be applauded as a result of his policies. So, I’m old enough to remember that last summer Jen Psaki stood at the White House podium and laughed and mocked the idea that Americans were having their treadmills delayed too late when there was a supply chain crisis.

And I said on the show wait until people can’t get food to their homes and you’re going to have a way more serious problem. Now, now here we are. And it’s proving that Americans and people all over the world in their own countries have to start thinking about producing their own country sustaining products, whether it’s fertilizer that we’re now saying there is a shortage of so food can’t be grown.

Food that we import from the rest of the world. Energy, antibiotics, medicine, personal protective gear that we saw China take a monopoly of during the pandemic. So it raises this idea that we can always rely on other countries to make sure that we can sustain ourselves here at home.

And President Biden says it’s going to be a real thing without offering a solution and saying, but don’t worry, I have a plan to combat this coming food shortage. And this is what my administration is going to do. he throws it out there it’s like a bomb, like, get ready America. Without some kind of plan to try and, you know, mitigate the disaster that he says is coming.

TARLOV: So Russia’s supplies I think it’s 40 percent of the world’s wheat. What kind of plan could he throw out there this quickly? I’m not saying that we don’t have to become more independent as it were, but what is a viable solution because this just isn’t us?

GUTFELD: Vote free. I don’t know. I don’t know.

TARLOV: Sally (Inaudible).

GUTFELD: Yes. Yes. Why don’t win — why don’t Democrats win elections when this always happens. It’s like they can’t — we know they can’t handle foreign policy. We know they suck at the economy. The only thing they can do is raise our taxes, to spend that money on programs that then expand the problem.

I’m old enough to remember Jimmy Carter. And I miss him. This is the consequence of the laptop cover up. Jessica, do you like Ashton Kutcher?

TARLOV: Not recently.

GUTFELD: Did you enjoy the movie “The Butterfly — the Butterfly Effect,” do you remember that movie?

TARLOV: I do remember it.

GUTFELD: Let’s do the butterfly effect here using the laptop. Number one, the New York Post publishes the laptop story. And then tech and media and the Democrats collude together to bury it and therefore, we don’t know about the big guy, i.e., Joe Biden and that corruption. Right?

So that — that is the cabal that as stated in Time magazine. So instead of losing the election which you would have if that was public, he wins the election, thanks to the cabal, and then the unpredictable force of Trump is missing. And then if we have Obama part 3, the coon — the cocoon addition, and then Putin sees that opening use the U.S./Ukraine agreement re NATO on November 10 to invade. Famine.

That’s the butterfly effect. It goes all the way back to the laptop cover- up. You can publish that and make it into a movie. It’s Friday.

TARLOV: Are you going to that movie, Jesse?

WATTERS: Well, the book was better than the movie. And I never say —


TARLOV: You said that.

GUTFELD: Do you agree?

WATTERS: I know. I do agree.

GUTFELD: They do.

WATTERS: So I have a wheat guy, do you want to hear what my wheat guy says?


PAVLICH: Do you have a wheat guy?

WATTERS: I have a wheat guy.


WATTERS: My wheat guy says that the last time this happened in 2010, wheat prices doubled and yet, the Arab Spring and five governments got knocked off. And you had the Syrian Civil War. Now they are saying it’s going to be six times as big of a price jump. So he sees civil unrest in the Mideast, Sub-Saharan Africa, Southeast Asia and Brazil because of this, because you also got the fertilizer scarcity.

And America is not going to be that bad because we have a lot of wheat producers and we ask — we export a lot of money a lot of wheat. So we’re going to have to bail out the farmers, he predicts, throw a lot of money, cut a check to the farmers. And he says every time wheat prices doubles it adds a quarter to a loaf of bread.

So start saving because things are about to get very expensive. My wheat guy is also my geopolitical guy. And he says you are going to have a food shortage, an energy crisis, and a global recession all in the next two years.

GUTFELD: Should we get fat right now?

WATTERS: Let’s go —

GUTFELD: — and be like squirrels and just put it on so we can get through.


TARLOV: I’m way ahead of you, Greg.

PIRRO: You know —

TARLOV: Your wheat guy says what?

PIRRO: I don’t have a wheat guy. You know, I want — because I’m thinking of going gluten-free anyway, but I think you’re right, Greg. The — look, the crazy part of all of this is that we are sanctioning or we think for sanctioning Putin, right, to deter him from — from fighting the war in Ukraine except we’re not really sanctioning him because it doesn’t really, it doesn’t seem like it’s doing any good.

But now we’ve got a real issue. And that is that there is going to be world hunger. I mean, that’s what it looks like. And I don’t mean to, you know, to be, you know, someone bringing gloom and doom. But you would think that, you know, we wouldn’t — that we would try to protect whether it’s a wheat deal or fertilizer or whatever needs to be protected, recognizing that that is, that can create world chaos and it can create, as you said, you know, governments being overthrown, leaders being overthrown.

I mean, we’re in for a bit of a mess because this one guy, Putin, this genocidal maniac decided that he wanted to go into a country and just level it and kill everybody. I mean, to me, it’s so obvious. I mean, the Russian people can’t be in any way be in favor of him. If the Russian people are now starting to say that they are killing their own generals in Ukraine, then you know, he’s got to go. It’s the only thing.

WATTERS: Got to go. So do we, right?

TARLOV: We absolutely do.


WATTERS: I’ll take care.

TARLOV: You want to read my (Inaudible).

WATTERS: Throw it in, let’s go, let’s go.

TARLOV: OK, coming up, President Biden facing a new potential crisis, this time coming from within his own party.


PAVLICH: President Biden dealing with a landslide of problems in his own party just added more fuel to the fire. Squad leader Alexandria Ocasio- Cortez warning Biden to do what the far left wants or face the consequences.


REP. ALEXANDRIA OCASIO-CORTEZ (D-NY): It is Biden’s power and ability to cancel student debt and nobody else. We need to acknowledge that this isn’t just about middle-of-the-road and increasingly narrowband of independent voters. But this is really about the collapse and support among young people, among the Democratic base feeling like they are not — they worked overtime to get this president elected and they aren’t necessarily being seen.


PAVLICH: But Biden isn’t the only one in the part that AOC is going after. And the radical socialist also taking the opportunity to attack Joe Manchin.


OCASIO-CORTEZ: So, I’m mad. This idea of, if we coddle someone’s ego then they’re going to, they’re going to say yes. And if it hasn’t worked in two years why are we going to continue doing that when there’s an election this November?


PAVLICH: So, Jesse, isn’t AOC like the child who wants to eat candy for dinner and Joe Manchin is the Democrat who is like, actually you need to eat vegetables for dinner and then a tantrum is thrown, and ultimately the adults wins the argument.

WATTERS: Manchin loves when he’s attacked by AOC. It looks so good in West Virginia. The Republicans, Democrats and independents love that and makes them look great. AOC just called the president a fink. She said we were for Bernie, then Clyburn cut the deal with the black vote. OK, you got the nomination, Joe, we turned out, put you in the White House. Where is our scratch? Right? Where is our student loan forgiveness, where’s our green new deal, give me what I want, what I earned.

And Biden is not providing that. And it’s also funny because she has student loans. So she is asking for a bailout. Yet, doesn’t she drive a Tesla, she was just partying in Miami Beach —


WATTERS: — and she’s all getting photographed on the red carpet so she doesn’t need the bailout. But here is the thing. This didn’t sound to me like, you better worry about your base, Joe. This sounded like a threat. This sounded like you better give me my money or this base is going to turn and it’s going to turn hard. That’s what I saw. But I’d be pissed too if I was a young Democrat. I mean, what do you want? Infrastructure? You live in the city. You don’t need that. Free COVID relief? COVID can’t kill you, you’re 30.

PAVLICH: They want a new bridge, Jesse.


PAVLICH: Judge, go ahead, the language and the threatening.

PIRRO: Yes. You know what’s amazing? For someone who is in Congress for a legislator to say what we can’t get done in Congress just sign an executive order. Just forget about the fact that we exist.

WATTERS: Yes. Right.

PIRRO: Sign an executive order. And if you can take care of the — of us with this, child care and the prescription drug prices, and if you can’t get rid of student loans, then we’re going — we’re coming after you. You’re not coming after him because, in the end, you’re not going to vote Republican.

PAVLICH: Right. Right, exactly. Greg, student loan bailout bails out a lot of people like her who don’t need the money and —

GUTFELD: Well, I know Jessica wants me to say I’m 100 percent behind it, but I’m not. Apparently, she has a business degree, doesn’t she?

PAVLICH: She does.

GUTFELD: Yes. So, how do you — how — she’s never explained how you cancel student debt. I mean, who’s going to — who’s going to cover the cost of that? The university could eat the loans. I would love that. But they’re not going to want to do that. Could you imagine that? That’ll make them Republicans.


GUTFELD: The moment that happens. The banks could eat the loans, and they’re outrageous interest rates. But the banks, they got bailed out. They never have anything to worry about. So, she’s expecting the viewer, you, me, everybody, to foot the bill of upper-middle class over-educated, mostly white liberals.

That’s — the people that actually could afford to pay — no, you’re going to get the truck drivers and the secretaries and the waiters to pay the tuitions for that. It’s not going to happen. It’s not going to happen. And what about all of the parents and the students who paid their loans who did the right thing, shouldn’t they get refunds then?

If anybody deserves a bailout, it’s the people who do the right thing, and not the people who do the wrong thing. I would like to see that.

PAVLICH: So, Jessica, who is more in touch with the Democratic base, Joe Manchin of West Virginia or AOC from New York City?

TARLOV: Neither. Someone more in the middle is more in touch with the Democratic base.

GUTFELD: She’s pulled the middle to the — so you think the middle –

TARLOV: I still think that elections in this country, and this has been true for almost all the time, are one in the center. And that’s why Joe Biden was able to pull this off against Trump in 2020. That’s why we saw that huge surge of moderate Democrats that the 2018 election that brought in the camo wave where we had all of these representatives who had served whether in the CIA or gone abroad and fought in Iraq and Afghanistan. And I think that’s really where the country is.

Now, I think that AOC is showing off two things. One, her true values. She does believe that student debt should be canceled. She believes in the Green New Deal, etcetera. But she also —

GUTFELD: Believes aren’t enough. You need a — you need a system.

TARLOV: No. But this is also performative because AOC is going to fall in line just like she did in 2020 when the midterms come around. But she needs to have those sound bites. She needs to show her base of voters who are these younger environmentalists that she has been advocating for those policies.

And just a little something about Joe Manchin who does irritate me from time to time. We wouldn’t have anything that we have right now without Joe Manchin. There is no other Democrat on the planet who was winning in West Virginia. He just announced today that he’s voting for Judge Jackson. That is her confirmation unless something happens with Kyrsten Sinema.

And Joe Manchin outran Donald Trump in West Virginia. That is a feat beyond belief. So, this idea that you can attack him from the left is a wholly ridiculous. Just let people run their own campaigns. Honestly, every — on the Republican side, too. If you’re in a super right-wing district, go ahead and do it your way. If you’re in a moderate district, go ahead and do it your way. Everyone feel a lot happier.

PAVLICH: I think that’s good advice. All right —

TARLOV: You’re welcome.

PAVLICH: Coming up, call Harris’ terrible week may have just gotten even worse.


WATTERS: More drama for Kamala. The Vice President coming off a terrible week in the news from an explosive new book detailing her feud with President Biden to another nonsensical speech on the road. Harris really did her best to distract from all of Biden’s shortcomings. But that’s nothing new for the VP. She has a rich history of putting her foot in her mouth.


LESTER HOLT, ANCHOR, NBC NEWS: You haven’t been to the border.


Ukraine is a country in Europe. It exists next to another country called Russia.

A friend in need is a friend in need.

The significance of the passage of time, right, the significance of the passage of time. So, when you think about it, there is great significance to the passage of time.


WATTERS: And Kamala hiring a new press secretary after her recent staff exodus. But the new spokeswoman deleted over 10,000 tweets before starting the new job. So, we can’t cancel her, right, Katie?

PAVLICH: I think she’s in for the long haul, Jesse.

WATTERS: The long haul meeting what? Three weeks.

PAVLICH: The next two months. I’m not sure.

PIRRO: The next year.

PAVLICH: Look, she’s had a hard time keeping staff. She had a difficult time in the Senate with her staff there as well. What I found the most interesting about the last two weeks and what’s come up about her is this idea that she was very frustrated with President Biden that he would not publicly come out in favor of nuking the filibuster for months on that, and he eventually did come out.

But that just proves that she’s not only unconvincing to the American public, but behind closed doors to a body like the Senate where she worked, she’s unable to be convincing to her peers. And that was a big part of what her agenda was supposed to be. She completely failed on that aspect. And people wonder why she’s taking on these far-left issues like abolishing the filibuster.

Well, let’s not forget, she was the most far-left member of the Senate, including beating up Bernie Sanders before she was picked to be the Vice President was supposed to be payback for people like AOC. So, we’ll see. It’s typical to watch as we — as we know. Maybe entertaining for you.

WATTERS: It’s entertaining. I wouldn’t call it difficult.

GUTFELD: She, Dramala Harris, is a national treasure who provides us with quality entertainment almost every other day. There’s not much to laugh about these days in the — when you turn on the news, but she’s kind of become like our Mr. Bean or our Inspector Clouseau, allowing us to laugh at her mistakes or vacuous sojourns into nonsense. Every day is something new and it makes me warm all over.

It’s funny to us, but could you imagine being that woman being your boss? You know, we can laugh, but it’s got — it’s probably worse than working under Kilmeade or you know, working with the judge. But she’s — because you know, she’s the worst at work because she comes off as somebody who thinks that actual work is beneath her.

And then what happens is she ends up having to do more work on the — on the other side of the incompetence, when in fact, if you just did the actual job, like if you read the — what do you call it — the briefing books. If you read the briefing books, then you probably do less work. But she doesn’t do that, so she ends up making a lot of work for everybody and making people unhappy. But I love her with every fiber of my being.

WATTERS: What do you think’s really going on here?

PIRRO: I think — well, first of all, I want to know who vetted her. I want to know why Joe Biden decided a woman who couldn’t get one percent in the presidential law primary was worth it to have as VP. But I think what’s going on with her is that she didn’t have a stellar time as a senator. And obviously, she’s now a national joke. There’s nothing that she says that makes sense. I mean, other than we should do what we have been doing regularly every day.

And to continue doing what we have would — I mean, it’s just — it’s a joke. But I think that a woman who is wounded and belittled because her cover on Vogue Magazine has her I’m Converse and a pantsuit that she put on herself during a pandemic is — it doesn’t understand the gravity of the job that she has. And I think it’s a very sad situation. I do.

WATTERS: Jessica, does she ever get out of the joke phase? Because right now she’s a joke and she makes a lot of gaffs. Is she ever going to get vengeful? Are we going to see like an angry face or like I give up phase or we’re just going to be stuck on this Dramala?

TARLOV: Like the Marvel evolution of a villain?


TARLOV: Like when does she got her costume or something?

WATTERS: I mean, she’s been stuck on this for a while.

TARLOV: A couple things. One to the point about who’ve added Kamala Harris. She has been running for office and winning elections for a very long time. She’s been vetted at a number of different levels. And the answer is Whip Clyburn vetted Kamala Harris. And the other answer is she did what she needed to do. We won the election.

This ticket coalesced Democrats who run from AOC to Joe Manchin together, and we were able to defy the odds, historically speaking.


TARLOV: Whatever. I still think that Vogue cover was not fair to her. And I do think that was Anna Wintour’s fault. And there’s something —

WATTERS: You’re never getting a Wintour photo shoot.


PIRRO: Why did she take the picture?

TARLOV: I think she thought that it would be part of her cool spread, but not necessarily the cover of the magazine. Anyway, it doesn’t —

GUTFELD: She’s difficult —

TARLOV: There is something —

GUTFELD: I did covers all the — like, for 20 years in magazines. That’s difficult if you’re — if you’re pouting because you weren’t —

TARLOV: Women are difficult. They can be difficult. Not all of it.

WATTERS: Oh, so, you’re saying it’s a woman thing.


TARLOV: I don’t want to talk about the woman. But also, I think people forget sometimes that President Obama, when he was running, was forced to pick Joe Manchin as his VP. David Axelrod and David Plouffe did not force him to do it. He’s like, I don’t like this guy. I don’t want him. They ended up being BFFs, they have bracelets that say it. There can be an evolution.

PIRRO: He goes to his birthday party.

WATTERS: They weren’t that close.

TARLOV: Are you —

WATTERS: He never even have him up to the residence in eight years.

GUTFELD: Hey, “FAN MAIL FRIDAY” finally. Wow.

WATTERS: He never invited them to the residence in eight years, so that’s the truth. “FAN MAIL FRIDAY” is up next.


GUTFELD: What a song. “FAN MAIL FRIDAY.” We’re answering your questions. First one up from Ginny. When you go on vacation, what do you do? Do you eat, sleep, relax, work, are you into sports, or you’re just a tourist? I’m going to go to you Jesse because you always go away.

WATTERS: I don’t do the tourism thing.


WATTERS: I go to the beach, I go to the pool, do a little workout in the morning, some nice brunch. I’ll buy a nice lunch. Maybe you start drinking in the mid-afternoon.

GUTFELD: Oh, yes.

WATTERS: And then you just cruise all the way and you go to bed.

GUTFELD: Yes, yes, yes. You left out finding — well, anyway, Judge, what’s your vacation — well, you got to make sure you got a connection when you get there. But anyway, what would you do on vacation?


PIRRO: I love to tour.

GUTFELD: Oh, you’re a tourist?

PIRRO: Yes, I’m done with the beach. I’ve done beaches. I mean, I could take him for a couple of hours. I like to work out. I like to have a great lunch. I don’t eat breakfast. I love a great cup of coffee in the morning. I love to just look at the sun and say thank God it’s sunny and not raining because I hate the rain, and that’s it. And then get all dolled up for dinner and that’s it.

WATTERS: Oh, yes. Jessica, what is your like vacation like primary?

TARLOV: Ferries which I know is kind of a cop-out here. But I do like to sleep a lot and I actually don’t —

PIRRO: You just had a baby. That’s why.

GUTFELD: You could do that at home.

TARLOV: No, it’s different. Hotel sleeping is the best sleep. It’s just is. There’s something about it.

GUTFELD: Yes. Sleeping on the beach.

TARLOV: But the touring is great because you have to — you can learn about all these things. But that when you wake up in a city like in Athens or a Rome and you go outside and you’re having your coffee like on the Spanish Steps.

GUTFELD: It’s never as good as the postcards, Katie, you know what I mean? What do you do?

PAVLICH: I always end up hiking a mountain when I’m on a vacation.

TARLOV: I hear that girl. Yeah.

GUTFELD: I do that.

PAVLICH: It’s like — I think I’ll be doing the whole like chill thing for — and then a day later, I’m like OK, let’s go to hike something.

GUTFELD: Oh geez, I got lost on a hike with my wife in Sedona. It was the worst experience. Three hours in the middle of nowhere.

PAVLICH: You should have called me. I could help you out.

GUTFELD: No water either. We were I was that close — I was that close to you know that — what’s the thing happening you know when the desert —

PAVLICH: Being dehydrated. But anyway, you know what, I always do a test. Will I — do I — will I have more time on vacation than I will at home? Because I’ve gotten accustomed to being a spoiled loner.

PIRRO: So, what do you do on vacation?

GUTFELD: Nothing. I don’t even go on vacation. I just find — I find a place where — I did everything Jessie does, beach, drink, eat, beach, drink, eat.

PIRRO: Do you work out? Do you work out?

GUTFELD: Yes, I do sometimes. How would you describe your job to a five- year-old? Jessica.

TARLOV: I tried to save democracy of America.


PAVLICH: I’m in the TV.

TARLOV: They do think you’re in the TV.

PAVLICH: They do think you’re the TV.

GUTFELD: In the TV. Judge?

PIRRO: I separate the good guys from the bad guys.

GUTFELD: That’s nice.

TARLOV: And that’s any of your jobs.


PIRRO: All my jobs.

WATTERS: I tell stories on television.

GUTFELD: Ooh, that’s very good. I’d say I make people uncomfortable.

PAVLICH: To the 5-year-old?

GUTFELD: And I do. All right, “ONE MORE THING” is up next.


PIRRO: It’s time now for “ONE MORE THING.” Jesse, you go first.

WATTERS: I’ve always wondered, Judge, when I’m out doing these interviews, like whatever happened to these people that I’m interviewing? Well, we found out what happened to one young lady. Watch.


WATTERS: If you guys were there and we’re allowed to ask the candidates a question. What would that question be?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: What are you going to do about college tuition raises?

WATTERS: And you’d think you’d get a straight answer? Yes or no.



WATTERS: That’s Montana Marsilio.

PAVLICH: Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

WATTERS: She’s a producer on THE FIVE.

PAVLICH: That’s awesome.

WATTERS: That’s right. And I know how to pick them, don’t I?

PIRRO: You do.

PAVLICH: She was great.


WATTERS: All right. Montana. That’s two years later.

GUTFELD: It’s so funny.

WATTERS: Very, very good. Tonight, “JESSE WATERS PRIMETIME,” we have Rove, Miller, and Lawrence Jones. I’ll see you at 7:00. Don’t watch basketball.

PIRRO: OK, we’ll all watch you. Jessica?

TARLOV: So, correcting the record. I said Joe Manchin, not Joe Biden. I know Joe Manchin is not the vice president United States of America. Thank you, Twitter.

Now, please check this out. A Michigan high school student who’s completely blind made an incredible shot during her basketball game this week.

The star athlete a 17-year-old Jules Hoogland from the Zealand East High School unified sports hoops team. The unified sports program is part of the Special Olympics and this season is Zealand High’s fifth year participating. The team consists of three special education students, two general education athletes. She’s been working really hard and it’s amazing. That shot she made in front of 2500 fans.


TARLOV: Congratulations.

PIRRO: All right, Greg.

GUTFELD: All right, tonight, what a great show. We have Katie on 11:00. We got Kilmeade. Oh, it’s good, though. It’s good. And then we got Kat and Tyrus. This is a fun, fun show. Let’s do something new. Greg’s moral dilemma.

This has been bothering me for about — since the beginning of this week. Something in our office made notes that just annoys the crap out of me. Let’s roll this tape.


GUTFELD: When you come in here, this is our lobby. There’s a note here that says, found this dollar by the door. Please only take it if it belongs to you. Thank you so much. This has been here for three days. You think the person who lost this dollar knows they lost it? I don’t care if this is a social experiment. I’m taking the dollar because frankly, I don’t need to see this every day.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Wait, have you seen my dollar.


GUTFELD: He ruined it.

WATTERS: Are you guys doing skits now?

GUTFELD: No. It’s just — it’s just that — it’s just that it was sitting there. Who cares?

PIRRO: So, who keeps the dollar, you or him?

WATTERS: You kept it.

PAVLICH: Of course.

GUTFELD: Yes, it’s in my pocket. It’s in my pocket right here. Happy ending for me, America.

PIRRO: OK, very nice. All right, now, my poodles are the perfect poodles. ‘

GUTFELD: Perfect poop.

PIRRO: Say, the perfect poodle pooches except for they’re not. So, take a look at my darling Stella did to one of my favorite pairs of shoes.

PAVLICH: Oh, no.

PIRRO: OK. Now, while I feed sell up plenty of nutritious dog food, sometimes she has special cravings. This time it was for my brown and white fringe pumps. But thankfully, my favorite shoe repair in Port Chester, New York put them together and I got it right now.

GUTFELD: There you go.

TARLOV: It’s so cute.

PIRRO: Yes, they are. They restored my shoes to their former glory. Stella is happy and I’m happy. They’re beautiful and as good as new. Okay, so, Katie.

WATTERS: (INAUDIBLE) The Judge feels restored too.

GUTFELD: Shoes are stories.

PAVLICH: Because dogs get the shoe sometimes, man. I don’t know why they think they’re good. All right, so earlier this week, you probably saw the horrible video of that truck flipping over in the Texas tornado. We now know who was driving that vehicle. It was 16-year-old Riley Leon who’s driving home from a job interview when his Chevy Silverado obviously became a play toy for that tornado. It blew that near a three-ton vehicle on its side, spun it around before he flipped back over and calmly drove off

He just got his driver’s license. It’s a pretty good test for him. Chevy gave the teen a new truck upon hearing the story and also donated $50,000 to the American Red Cross for their relief efforts. He was fine. He had a little bit of a cut on his elbow but walked away with a brand new truck and lots of driving experience in that tornado So, congratulations, lion — Riley Leon for surviving and driving away.

PIRRO: What a great story.


TARLOV: I would never be able to do that.

PIRRO: All right, so what are you doing this weekend?

WATTERS: Did he get the job.

PAVLICH: We don’t know if he got the job.

GUTFELD: I’m going to get my car inspected. Isn’t that fun?

PIRRO: Yes, it sounds like a lot of fun.

GUTFELD: It is. It is.

PIRRO: Anybody doing anything fun for ten seconds?

GUTFELD: You’re going to come over?

PAVLICH: I’ll put on a big show.

PIRRO: OK. All right, that’s it for us. We’ll see you all back here on Monday. Have a terrific weekend. Thanks for joining us now.


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