Stephen Miller warns the southern border could turn into an ‘illegal immigration apocalypse’ – Fox News

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Former Trump White House senior official Stephen Miller blasted President Joe Biden over the removal of Title 42, which has been used by both the Trump and Biden administrations to quickly expel migrants at the southern border since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak on ‘Hannity.’ 

STEPHEN MILLER: The southern border is the perfect place for new viruses and new variants and new evolutions of this disease to spread. People arrive at that border crammed into trucks, crammed into cars and tractor-trailers, piled on top of each other, sharing the same air. It’s as dangerous as it can get from a public health standpoint. 

That’s why President Trump put in place Title 42, not only saving thousands of lives, but in the process fully sealing the United States southern border. As we speak at this moment, we already have 7,000 apprehensions a day— most of them released into the country, at least 2,000 so-called got-aways that we know of, plus many more than we don’t know of. That’s over 10,000— at least— a day crossing into this country. The decision to end what’s left of Title 42 will turn our border from the peace, calm and total security of the Trump era into an utter nightmare and illegal immigration apocalypse. It will be that bad.


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