Charles Payne hits Twitter: They are ‘losing big time’ and need the Elon Musk ‘medicine’ – Fox News

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Fox Business host Charles Payne joined ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ to weigh in on Elon Musk’s $43 billion offer to buy Twitter. Payne told host Tucker Carlson that America will be a better country if Musk is successful.

CHARLES PAYNE: He’s got a 99,000 employees, and he’s bringing factories back to America. So, from a business perspective, you’ve got a guy who sold a business for $176 million dollars. What did he do? He plowed every single nickel into two pipe dreams. One was called Tesla. One was called Space X. 

Someone talked about the quote unquote orange man. Let me tell you about the orange man. When President Trump was elected. Twitter stock was $16 a share when President Trump left office, it was $77 a share and promptly went into free fall. This is a company that really has shot themselves in the foot. They are losing big time. They need fresh thinking out there and Elon Musk is the right medicine.


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