Biden has had a record number of migrants die under his watch, he’s not doing a single thing: Tom Homan – Fox News

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Former acting ICE director Tom Homan slammed President Biden for doing “nothing” to secure the southern border on “Hannity” Friday night.

TOM HOMAN: Biden administration ain’t gone fix this. The Biden administration has been in power for 14, 15 months. They haven’t done a single thing to slow the flow. Nothing. They’ve done nothing to secure the border. Everything they’ve done is how quickly can we process migrants and release them? Right now, they’re looking at $900 million to build soft sided facilities for the surge that’s coming, so they can process and release quicker. And when you process and release quicker, that just brings more. And your point about inhumane policy? Let me make one point… the Biden administration keeps saying the Trump policies are inhumane. Let me be clear on this. More migrants have died under the first year of Joe Biden on U.S. soil than any year I can remember. A record number – more migrants are dying under Joe Biden, and over 100,000 Americans have died over overdose deaths of fentanyl comes across that southwest border. His policies are inhumane and they’re killing people.


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