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What President Donald Trump did to secure our border worked. Through the CDC, he invoked Title 42 to slow the spread of dangerous diseases. He implemented the Migrant Protection Protocols, or “Remain in Mexico” program. He put more agents in the field patrolling the border, and he worked with Mexico and Guatemala to become true border security partners.

All his great work is now undone.

From the moment President Joe Biden took office, we saw an immediate spike in illegal border traffic and serious criminal activity. In fact, and instead of doing right by the American people, President Biden has become the cartels’ best friend. They are making billions from his bad policies.


SASABE, ARIZONA - JANUARY 23: A U.S. Border Patrol agent stands on a cliff looking for migrants that crossed the border wall between the U.S. and Mexico near the city of Sasabe, Arizona, Sunday, January 23, 2022. 

SASABE, ARIZONA – JANUARY 23: A U.S. Border Patrol agent stands on a cliff looking for migrants that crossed the border wall between the U.S. and Mexico near the city of Sasabe, Arizona, Sunday, January 23, 2022.  ((Photo by Salwan Georges/The Washington Post via Getty Images))

They actually advertise his policies to exploit their victims and take their money. They ruthlessly dump their victims at our border, coach them on what they need to say to be released into the U.S. and leave agents to clean up the mess.

Then the cycle repeats, thousands of times every day, which has caused the Border Patrol to struggle now for over a year to keep pace with all the arrests and paperwork. And the bad news is, it is going to get worse, much worse.

All of this is easily be prevented, but only if the Biden administration wants it to stop. But when you consider the following, I think you will agree that it doesn’t want this crisis that it caused to end.

It is indisputable that halting Title 42 is going to drastically increase the already record number of illegal border-crossers. Yet in a little over a month on May 23, that is exactly what President Biden will do, and the only explanation is politics.

Even DHS, run by his political appointees, admit that they expect a doubling of arrests once Title 42 is lifted. Instead of science, activism is driving this Administration not only in its health policies but in its border security policies as well.  

If Joe Biden is trying to overrun our country with illegal border-crossers, which we believe is exactly what he’s trying to do, he is doing a fantastic job. Apart from abolishing President Trump’s policies, let’s examine the decisions he’s made.

First: He appointed his Vice President as the “Border Czar.”

It is obvious now that this appointment was nothing more than a PR stunt. She has not done one thing to actually address the border crisis. She flew to Central America in search of “root causes,” and while there used liberal talking points to discuss her findings. Her work did not slow illegal immigration. Instead, it caused more illegal border crossings.  Since that time and for nearly a year, we haven’t heard from her. In fact, if real solutions were dirt, her office would be the vacuum cleaner where they go to die.

Second: He re-implemented catch-and-release.

In the month of March alone, nearly 100,000 illegal border-crossers claimed asylum and were processed under Title 8. After being processed, they were released into the U.S.

Of course people are going to cross our borders illegally. They are being rewarded.

Catch-and-release has proven to be the single biggest driver of illegal immigration and President Biden knows it, yet he re-implemented it nonetheless.

Third: He vilifies law enforcement including Border Patrol agents.

He publicly and shamefully demonized Border Patrol agents as thugs without any facts at his disposal and accused agents of “strapping” illegal aliens while promising “they will pay”. When this entire narrative was thoroughly exposed and debunked, instead of standing up and accepting responsibility like he promised when he was campaigning, he hid and continues to act like he never made a fool of himself.  For added effect our Border Czar described the “horrible” things she saw on a video regarding the same incident, and she still hasn’t corrected her lies either.

And fourth and most recently, President Biden announced the end of the CDC’s Title 42 health rule; a decision that is even being derided by Democrats.

These Democrats recognize it puts a horrible situation on steroids and is inexplicable. Unless of course Biden is destabilizing our border and importing millions of illegal aliens on purpose. He sent DHS Secretary Mayorkas and Press Secretary Psaki out with a new line of false messaging…there will be a “whole of government” solution.


Believe that if you want to, but if you do, don’t bet your money that it’s a solution to anything other than appeasement and buying time.

The evidence is clear to us. He wants this. It’s by design.


We have the solutions, if only the Biden administration really wanted solutions. Deter illegal behavior by enforcing our laws, re-implementing MPP, putting the message out far and wide that illegal aliens will remain in custody pending hearings, and leaving Title 42 in place. 


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