Ari Fleischer blasts media for ‘off the charts’ bias – Fox News

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Fox News contributor Ari Fleischer revealed the bias present in the media outlets Monday on “Hannity.” 

ARI FLEISCHER: When I watched the coverage of President Trump, who sometimes I agree with, sometimes I disagree with, I was so convinced that the press was so unfair to him that everything they did, everything they reported was done to reverse the results of the 2016 election. And it is not the press’s job to engage in that type of behavior. It’s the public’s job. It’s the people’s job. They get to decide who the president is. But the press basically decided that both in terms of his personality and policy that he was such a threat to the country that they needed to step in and distort the news, to deceive their readers, to deceive their viewers and suppress news. … The bias is off the charts.


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