McCormick slams Dr. Oz as unpopular ‘Hollywood liberal’ days before Pennsylvania GOP Senate primary – Fox News

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Dave McCormick, one of the front-runners in Pennsylvania’s crowded GOP Senate primary, vowed to be the “conservative leader” Pennsylvania needs on Monday, taking jabs at his rival, Dr. Mehmet Oz, who earned former President Donald Trump‘s endorsement weeks before voters cast their ballots on May 17.

DAVE MCCORMICK: I’m not surprised. President Trump is very popular in Pennsylvania. His “America First” policies did great things for Pennsylvania and great things for the country. The problem is, Mehmet Oz isn’t popular. And so his endorsed candidate is not getting momentum. The reason is that he’s been liberal, Hollywood liberal, for his entire career, and taken a set of positions…that are different than primary voters in Pennsylvania.

I’m running as someone that is battle-tested, a combat veteran, a West Point grad… and created jobs in Pennsylvania, and someone who is a seventh-generation Pennsylvanian, who grew up in a small town and has a family farm, and as an outsider. And that story, I believe, is selling. And I believe that the people of Pennsylvania are dialing in. 

There’s a number of very capable people running for this seat, and I think that’s a great validation of our democracy. So many people feel like they want to fix the country. The question they [have to] ask themselves is, who can win the general election. Because we can’t have John Fetterman and his socialist agenda representing Pennsylvania….but also who can be a conservative leader in the Senate? There’s no time for on-the-job training. The inflation crisis, the crisis in Ukraine, the risks associated with China – we need someone to step into this seat on Day One and be capable without on-the-job training of making a difference. 



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