Has “Ultra-MAGA” Rhetoric Hurt Democrats? | FOX News Rundown – FOX News Radio

People across the country have been closely watching primary elections these past few months. One
point of interest: the success of former President Trump’s endorsements. Despite seeing six unsuccessful races so far, the former president may use the Republican victories for a future campaign. Co-founder and President of RealClearPolitics Tom Bevan joins the Rundown with a look back on some of the high-
profile races and a look into what’s to come, how President Biden’s “ultra-MAGA” rhetoric hurt the Democrats, and how former President Trump may use his primary success for another presidential election bid in 2024.

Despite all of the efforts to make cars safer, U.S. traffic deaths are at a 16-year high, with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reporting an average of 117 deaths a day. Earlier this year, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg announced a National Roadway Safety Strategy to cut down on these automobile accidents, but will it be enough? Pam Shadel Fischer, Senior Director of External Management with the Governors Highway Safety Association, joins the Rundown to explain what factors have contributed to the rise of road fatalities and why she’s optimistic about the approach introduced by the Department of Transportation.

Plus, commentary by former CEO of Hardee’s, Andrew Pudzer.

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