Stephen Miller: Joe Biden is complicit with global trafficking on the largest scale in human history – Fox News

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Former Trump senior advisor Stephen Miller blasted Joe Biden over the immigration crisis at the southern border on Thursday’s “Hannity,” warning that it is the result of a “planned, purposeful and premeditated crusade” by the president and his administration.

STEPHEN MILLER: The current crisis, the calamity playing out on our border, hour after hour, day after day, is the result of a planned, purposeful and premeditated crusade carried out by the Biden administration. In 2020, President Trump had in place a brilliant series of domestic reforms and interlocking international agreements that allowed us to deport any illegal alien from any country at any time for any reason whatsoever without delay. That included Remain in Mexico, safe third agreements, asylum bars, Title 42 as just a few examples of what President Trump had ingeniously put into place. Joe Biden set about dismantling each and every one of these policies that sealed the border and kept us safe for the sole purpose of aiding and abetting the largest wave of illegal immigration in human history. And so it is literally true. It is actually the case that Joe Biden is complicit with global smuggling and global trafficking on the largest scale in human history. 


We know from the very secret flights that this network has exposed and from my own sources throughout the Department of Homeland Security that they are being resettled in every single state all across this country. Some of it is being done directly by the federal government, others indirectly through non-governmental organizations with the support, cooperation and in many cases, financing of the federal government. And what that means is that you are going to see and you are, in fact, now seeing school districts across the country being completely overwhelmed, needing translators, needing extra resources with no funding to pay for. Our hospital system, crashing, uncompensated care, soaring through the roof. That means higher premiums for you and for your family. Our police departments are completely overwhelmed by the influx and of course, the drugs that are coming across as a result of this and the drug dealers and drug traffickers that are entering our communities unimpeded are slaughtering our citizens by the tens of thousands, each of their deaths preventable, but for this lawless president. 


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