Shannon Bream: The DOJ Knows They Need To Have A Rock Solid Case In Order To Charge Trump – FOX News Radio

Anchor of “Fox News At Night” Shannon Bream joins Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla to shed light on what it would take for the Department of Justice to file criminal charges against former President Trump over his actions on January 6th.

“I think the DOJ is under a lot of pressure, obviously, to do it. But with all those outside considerations in mind and the fact it would be such a novel first of its kind ever attempt here in the U.S., I think they’re going to be super cautious about it. And people have to remember, you see all this stuff in the January 6th committee and people are like, well look, they’ve laid out this great case and they could do a criminal referral. It is completely different than what you would do in a court. The federal rules of evidence and procedure would ban a lot of what you heard in that hearing. They don’t have the same rules against hearsay, against what you can admit as evidence. So you’ve got to remember, if you’re somebody who thinks that former President Trump should be charged based on what you saw on January 6th, that’s not what would be presented to a jury.”

Shannon and Jimmy also talk about whether the Supreme Court is any closer to finding out who leaked the draft opinion in the case of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization. Listen to the podcast to hear what else she had to say!

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