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DANA PERINO, FOX NEWS HOST: Hello, everyone. I’m Dana Perino along with Dagen McDowell, Richard Fowler, Will Cain, and Greg Gutfeld. It’s five o’clock in New York City. This is THE FIVE.

It’s breaking news right now on the unprecedented Trump FBI raid. The Department of Justice is asking to keep the affidavit sealed. Now, that’s the document that would give the underlying reason on how the feds were able to obtain the search warrant.

And that comes as President Trump levels new accusations of FBI overreach. Quote, “they stole my three passports, one expired, along with everything else. This is an assault on a political opponent at a level never seen before in our country. Third world exclamation point.”

Trump also claims he had a standing order that allowed him to declassify documents as soon as they left the Oval Office and says that FBI took documents protected under attorney client privilege.

Now that comes as a growing number of Republicans or calling on the Justice Department to release the affidavit that Attorney General Merrick Garland used to sign off on the search warrant. Former federal prosecutor Andy McCarthy says there’s more to the raid than what the feds have indicated.


ANDY MCCARTHY, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: What I thought they were up to here, was basically trying to do a fishing expedition to see if they could find information that’s relevant to the capital riot that might help them, make a case arising out of January 6th and looking at the warrant. I think that’s exactly what it is.


PERINO: Meanwhile, the White House continues to claim ignorance of the raid.


KARINE JEAN-PIERRE, WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY: We do not interfere. We do not get briefed. The Department of Justice again, when it comes to law enforcement matters, it is independent, complete independence. And I’m just not going to comment on that. None of us will because we’re going to let Merrick Garland speak for himself.

We have learned about all of this the same way the American people have learned about this.



PERINO: It’s an interesting thing. I have opined that I think that it would’ve been reasonable and smart and responsible for there at least to be some sort of communication from Justice Department to the White House. They’re claiming that’s not how they’re going to do things that’s or say they don’t didn’t know. And I just wonder, you know, if that will, if that is going to hold, Dagen, going forward.

DAGEN MCDOWELL, FOX BUSINESS ANCHOR: It shouldn’t hold every sober minded American who cares about this country and the disunion that is gripping. It understands the Justice Department and the federal, well, the FBI and even the White House, they need to show what necessitated and justified this raiding and searching of a former president’s home. It’s never happened before. Period. And the reason needs to be extreme because the measure is extreme.

Right now, right now, it’s the appearance that Garland and Wray and company that they weaponize their agencies to go after the adversaries of those in power, namely Biden and all the people working for them. In a normal criminal case, and I’ve talked to Andy McCarthy at length about this.

Law enforcement would arrest the individual on the day that the search warrant is executed. And very often you have the probable cause of a crime, the arrest warrant, and the search warrant used the same affidavit. But I don’t, and I could be wrong if the judge rules differently.

I don’t think that the affidavit and I don’t think any of the evidence that was collected will ever see the light of day until there is a January 6th indictment. I don’t think it’s going to ever be related to this document search or the Republicans take — retake the House and, or the Senate.

But I want to point out that this arrest, the, I mean the no arrest, the timing of this raid was it happened after Congress was gone for — they were out on their August recess. So, it was done intentionally at that time, I think, to disperse that kind of outrage across out — outside of the beltway.

PERINO: Yes. Well, they didn’t really disperse it all that well, Richard, because there is outrage. But even though these are people, these — here, two people, George F, Will and Susan Collins, she’s a Senator from Maine and he’s of course a columnist. Not fans necessarily of President Trump, not strong supporters, but they both came out and had a similar tone saying that there needs to be more clarity from the A.G. about the unprecedented nature of this and these documents and they’re — they’re urging the A.G. to do more. Do you think you’ll hear from him this week?

RICHARD FOWLER, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: I don’t think we’re going to hear from the A.G. I think when he spoke last week, that was it. But I actually agree with George Will. I agree with Senator Susan Collins because of this level of outrage, let’s go ahead and release the affidavit.

And when we release the affidavit, I think we need to be very clear that each and every day in this country probable cause warrants are issued, they’re served and they’re processed. I mean, while it was a different court, everybody remembers the story of Breonna Taylor who died because of a probable cause warrant and a no-knock probable cause warrant that caused her to lose her life when there was no — there was nothing that was actually a fraudulent warrant. We now find out because of federal charges that have been filed against the officers in that case.

So, when we think about probable cause warrant, if we’re going to be outraged, let’s have a conversation about changing the system instead of just being outraged when it happens to the former president of the United States —


PERINO: Well maybe that will lead to that.

FOWLER: — when he’s holding onto classified documents.

PERINO: I guess it’s possible it could lead to that. Will, before I ask you your question, if you kill that fly that’s coming around here, I’m going to give you a hundred dollars.

WILL CAIN, FOX NEWS CO-HOST: I saw it. I saw it. I thought Richard was having a —


PERINO: Inspire you a $100.

GREG GUTFELD, FOX NEWS CO-HOST: Why didn’t you make that offer to me?

CAIN: Richard was having —

GUTFELD: But it’s because he’s taller you think he has better reach?

PERINO: I don’t know. I’m like, I’m thinking about his reflex —


FOWLER: You could fly if you wanted to, Will.

CAIN: If I reached over and swatted that fly that was messing with Richard, it would come off like I was swatting it Richard, and he would not go well.

PERINO: Yes, you’re not going to swat with Richard.

FOWLER: I wouldn’t (Inaudible), I promise you.

PERINO: So, we are eight days since the — well, I guess a week tonight is when the search warrant was — we found out about the search warrant. I don’t know if we actually know all that much more, because honestly, it is a little bit hard to keep up with. It was these documents, then they’re not. They’re nuclear, but they’re not, but they’re this and then they’re not.

And it’s, I think Greg and I were talking in the green room like, some it’s kind of hard to figure it out. And then it’s like, well, we guys just basically, I don’t know. I’m not losing interest in it at all. I’m just kind of frustrated about not having any information.

CAIN: But I think it will stay in an intentionally ambiguous place, a blank slate that serves the FBI and the DOJ’s purpose of finding anything. I agree with Andy McCarthy that it is a fishing expedition. We’ll never see the probable cause affidavit that you reference. I think you’re right about that, Dagen. That would require specificity.

And if that’s the case, then they would be boxed into us understanding what it is they went in looking for. It’s not truly about declassified materials or classified materials. It’s not even really about the Espionage Act, which by the way, can encompass and does in the statute very minor grievances, like not giving information over to the National Archives.

Not that you’re a super spy with the nuclear codes, but you just didn’t simply comply with the National Archives. It’s not about any of that. It is a blank slate that allows the DOJ to find anything to disqualify Donald Trump from running from president. Either disqualify him in a long, drawn- out legal case that ends up at the Supreme Court or simply in the American public’s mind.

And if that’s the case, to your point, Dagen, it better be egregious. It better be more than the nuclear codes, which let’s be real, change when an administration changes. It better be egregious.

PERINO: They’re encrypted. They change regularly. Right?

CAIN: Yes.

PERINO: I was — I was kidding the day that I said that about nuclear codes. That’s not like you don’t write them on a scrap of paper.


PERINO: But Greg does.

FOWLER: That’s why you don’t have them, Greg.

PERINO: Your nuclear codes are having to deal with something else.

GUTFELD: Yes. That is the true.

PERINO: Do you want to hear from Bill Maher?

GUTFELD: Sure. Why not?

PERINO: Let’s see what he had to say.


BILL MAHER, HOST, HBO: Trump, he did sell his soul to the devil because he is the luckiest man in the world. His fortune was finally falling. DeSantis was beating him in the polls. You know who hates this more than anybody? DeSantis.


MAHER: DeSantis. I had this in the bag and now I got to run against president martyr. And this is saving Trump politically because now of course, all the Republicans, what do they do?


PERINO: Of course, talking there to our friend Piers Morgan.

GUTFELD: There you go. Our very own Piers Morgan.

PERINO: Very own, that’s true.

GUTFELD: There’s something — there — there’s truth to what he’s saying. No matter how you feel about Trump and Bill Maher can’t stand him. He’s a larger in life figure and you just create more folk hero status the more you target him. He understands that. He’s like a black hole that swallows all negative energy.

And then, and the anger you get the better it works. The how stupid was this? He, it’s like found money for him. Right?


GUTFELD: This raid is found money. He doesn’t have to do anything. He could just pull back and just let this play out. He already looks like he was the victim here. Meanwhile, of course they’re going to work around the clock trying to find stuff about it, but it’s already felt falling apart, I think.

And I think we were seeing it fall apart towards Friday. The tell for me was if you criticize the political nature of this raid, it was tantamount to hate speech. And they do this before. They did this to like, if parents said, hey, look, I don’t want to have gender experts talking about gender politics with my toddler and said, well, you know what? You’re putting trans people in harm’s way.

Or if you say something you’re at a school board meeting you say, look, I don’t want — I don’t think CRT should be in schools. And I don’t think this shutdown is working in schools. Well, you know, you’re a domestic terrorist by saying that.

So, the — what they try to do is they try to shut you down by saying you, why, what, how you feel and the anger you have is somewhat harmful. That was the tell that this was over. Of course, they never did that. They never cared about the border patrol. That’s the best. You know, when they talk about defending law enforcement, they actually put a target on border patrol. And then when they were found innocent, they still decide to punish him.

So, all of that hypocrisy means nothing. You should be OK criticizing the FBI, including FBI agents who are criticizing him. The final, I think the final tell though, is that now they’re just saying, you know what, maybe we’ll never know.

PERINO: Right.

GUTFELD: And what they’re trying, that’s the — that’s the kind of the tell that they use with Hunter Biden. You know, maybe this thing is real after all, you know, but we already won the election. It really doesn’t matter. So, they wait until it doesn’t matter anymore.

And then they come up with a, OK, let’s not talk about it. It’s what people do when they’re married. It’s like, OK, let’s just not talk about it. You win .

PERINO: Yes. That’s usually how I always win.


PERINO: I’m kidding. I don’t. No, maybe I actually, I do. All right. Coming up, stunning new details on how badly President Biden bungled the withdrawal from Afghanistan. And we have news on that one year later. Trey Yingst is live from Kabul, next.

GUTFELD: Was I making it?


UNKNOWN: Is a Taliban takeover of Afghanistan now inevitable?



GUTFELD: Wow. That didn’t pan out. One year ago, today the Taliban swept into Kabul and seized total control of Afghanistan after president Biden made the decision to withdraw American troops.

Trey Yingst is live in Kabul. Hey, Trey, how you doing?

TREY YINGST, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Hey, Greg. Good afternoon. Today, the Taliban took a victory lap piling into pickup trucks and driving through the capital of Kabul. Take a look at this.


YINGST: Right now, the Taliban is parading through the streets of Kabul. They’re marking one year since the takeover of Afghanistan. You can see these fighters here celebrating. Many civilians though, remain in hiding, uncertain about what comes next for their country.

Just to grief (Ph) as his mother looks on.

The last year has been anything but a celebration for the Afghan people. When you look at the situation on the ground, the economy has collapsed, plunging millions of people into poverty, women’s rights have decreased, and the security situation remains fragile.

But when you walk through the streets of Kabul, there is a sense of routine and normalcy. There are street vendors selling food, there’s traffic. People are out and about, but behind that veneer sits uncertainty and fear for Afghan civilians, especially those American allies who were working with the United States during the last 20 years.

We spoke with the Taliban extensively about their views on Islamic law and also women’s rights and education. But we had a very interesting conversation with an official from the foreign ministry this week, when I pressed him on the Taliban’s view of the U.S. drone strike, that took place last month, taking out the leader of Al-Qaeda Ayman al-Zawahiri. Take a listen.

Late last month the leader of Al-Qaeda Ayman al-Zawahiri was killed in a U.S. drone strike in Kabul. Did the Taliban know he was here?

ABDUL QAHAR BALKHI, SPOKESPERSON, MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS: The Islamic emirate of Afghanistan made it very clear that the leadership was not aware of either his arrival nor his presence in Kabul. And they will continue to conduct the investigation to verify facts.

But the fact of the matter remains that this was a grave violation of international law by the United States of America, conducting unilateral actions inside a sovereign state.


YINGST: The bottom line is you can’t take the Taliban at face value. You can’t trust what they say when you interview them. But the most important thing here is the civilian population, especially those who were U.S. allies working with the United States.

And when we were here last year on the runway at Kabul’s international airport when there’s evacuations were taking place, we thought this couldn’t get any worse for these individuals. They have to leave their entire lives behind. And if they can’t get on those planes, they have to stay here.

But we are back a year later and things have gotten worse and they appear that they’re getting worse each and every day for every person here under Taliban control. Greg?

GUTFELD: Thank you, Trey. So, Will, I want to talk — try to distinguish between the decision to leave, which Trump had signed. I mean, this was something we’re doing and how it was carried out in which you couldn’t do much worse. And I think, can you — can you separate those two?

CAIN: You know, I don’t even know if you can separate the exit from the 20-year debacle that was our investment in Afghanistan. Yes, we can criticize and we should criticize the exit because to your point, Greg, I don’t know that it could have been done worse.

The estimates are 800 American citizens left behind, clearly no plans, no long-term plans, no organized plans to get us out. So, what was accomplished before that catastrophic exit? Whatever it was, we gave it all back in 12 months’ time. I mean women’s rights are gone. You know, Al-Qaeda has a presence, clearly, with Ayman al-Zawahiri there at the time.

And my big takeaway is yes, it’s worth looking into the past, but also why don’t we let it inform the present in the future in the same group that’s so advocated for our presence and even our exit in this manner from Afghanistan was the one itching to go into Ukraine.

GUTFELD: You know, Richard, I mean, you were nodding along. And I think that what is the lesson learned here about something that we were holding and then the moment we left, it all returned the way it was.

FOWLER: Well —

GUTFELD: There is a lesson in there.

FOWLER: There’s definitely a lesson. And I think the lesson is two — threefold. I think lesson number one is our lawmakers have got to be more thoughtful. For 20 years, yes, people lap up a lot of blame a Joe Biden and fair enough. Those criticisms are fair.

But think about this. For 20 years members of Congress approved budget after budget after budget. And nobody asked to say, so you say there’s 300, 800 — 8,000 Afghani troops. Can I go look at them? Can I see them? Are they there? Clearly, they were not.

And I think what makes this so frustrating for me is that this war started when I was a freshman in high school. I am now 35 years old. This country lays in ruin American, blood was spread all across this country. These are my classmates. These are my neighbors. These are my friends.

And now we’re sitting here and watching this country going to a dismal collapse. And the question I’m asking myself, similar to Will is, why were we there in the first place? And we’re also dealing with the fact that there was so much mission creep. At first, it was we’re going to get Bin Laden. Then it was we’re going to go build a democracy.

Then it was, we’re going to surge. Then we’re going to take them away. Then we’re going to surge again. And the American people were left in the middle trying to figure out well, what’s really happening in Afghanistan.

GUTFELD: I think, you know, Dana, just listening to both of them, it’s something about you can’t make any progress if there’s no prosperity in a country. It’s like, you try to think they’re going to be like, once they figure this out. But if they have no way, then it’s always going revert back to what it was.

PERINO: So, then that’s the story from all around the world. Right?


PERINO: That’s why one of the reasons when Kamala Harris says she’s going to Latin America and she’s going to figure out the root causes, you actually have to figure out one corruption.


PERINO: That is a big issue. Education is a big issue. And part of that is if you’re going to make 50 percent of your population not allowed to leave the house without being fully covered. You can’t go to a doctor if you’re a woman, you’re not going to be able to be educated. You’re going to suppress 50 percent of your capital — human capital you’re going to have problems.

When President Biden decided to do this, his poll numbers, the way that he did it, the poll numbers never recovered. That’s just true. You can look at it. And it is just like they went down. They got to a point where people said, we can, we are embarrassed by this incompetence, and then everything else started happening.

As gas prices continued to rise and inflation increased. Conditions were not being met. That president Trump stood out, he said, we will leave if this happens. Those things that were supposed to happen were not happening. And they left anyway.

As you saw with Salman Rushdie. Our enemies, people against freedom are very patient. OK. So, like for us, we’re like, since I was a freshman in high school taken anymore. And I get, I absolutely get it. And there is an obligation on behalf of leaders to say, this is why we’re doing this. This is why it matters. That went away. And so, so we have that.

I would, I would add this. And in addition to the 800 citizens that were left, 96 percent of special immigration visa holders, the people who actually were on the ground, the Afghans who helped us along with our forces who helped save their lives, they didn’t make it.

And right now, at the State Department, it would take them 18 years to deal with the backlog that they have.


PERINO: So, the incompetence continues on at the bureaucratic level.

GUTFELD: Dagen, I was told that this was the new improved Taliban. I’m extremely disappointed.

MCDOWELL: You are. I’m a woman.

GUTFELD: Yes. You identify as a woman.



MCDOWELL: You’re going to get me in trouble. Aren’t you? To Dana’s point, I looked at the poll numbers, the overlay of approval versus disapproval. August 20th is the day that his, he went from net approval, a net approval rating to a net disapproval. And Joe Biden has been deep in the red ever since then.

Because of, to Dana’s point, his incompetence, I call it his stubborn stupidity.


MCDOWELL: But also, on full display was how he likely lies to the American people over and over and over again repeatedly. And I think that that was what turned Americans against him.

When George Stephanopoulos says Europe top military leaders you warned against withdrawing on this timeline. No, they didn’t. No, they didn’t. Yes, they did. U.S. troops will — he, Biden said U.S. troops will stay in Af — stay until all Americans are out of Afghanistan. No, they didn’t. Al- Qaeda is gone from Afghanistan. No, it’s not. Our allies are with us. No, they weren’t. If you’re an American, you can get to the airport. No, they couldn’t.

Over and over and over again, he stood up in front of the American people and lied and a lot of — so many people just said, we’re done. We don’t trust you. There’s the door.

PERINO: And then they wanted credit for the largest airlift in history.

GUTFELD: Yes. That’s amazing. Here’s our screw up. It broke records. OK. Up next, even some Democrats are having to admit Texas migrant busing strategy, it’s pretty brilliant.


MCDOWELL: Texas Governor Greg Abbott getting praise from an unlikely person, a Democrat. Abbott sending another busload of migrants to New York City this morning. And the liberal former governor of New York thinks it’s smart politics.


FMR. GOV. DAVID PATERSON (D-NY): The governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, has come up with, I think is one of the most brilliant political strategies I’ve heard in a long time.

Now I’m a Democrat and there are a lot of things I don’t like about what he’s really doing. However, sometimes you have to tip your cap to your opponent. And in this case, he’s sending hundreds of aliens who come into the country by bus to New York City, which is a sanctuary city has really paid dividends to him politically.


MCDOWELL: And while New York City Mayor Eric Adams keeps complaining about buses of 50 or so migrants, Fox News witnessed 2,200 migrants illegally crossing the border in just 24 hours. And I was watching Bill Melugin’s tweets, and Elon Musk was responding going, why is it more — why aren’t more media outlets reporting this? This is insane.

GUTFELD: Melugin has great hair, by the way. I don’t know how he keeps it going out there with the humidity. I think and I’d say — I’m going to — I said it on Friday maybe. I can’t remember because the weekend was long. I think we came up with this solution a year ago this summer. And it was — it’s basically we’ve stumbled onto the cure for untethered progressivism, right? It’s the match.com for bad policy and consequences.

So, anybody who pushes the idea in which they’re not going to feel the results, they must be made to feel the results. So, that is what is happening here. I think — I’m pretty sure this idea came from us, but I’ll give it to Governor Abbott, because I know he watches. But we now have to start thinking about like, how can we apply this to other areas where the consequences aren’t tethered to the policies?

One obvious one is always — is crime. You have these progressive DAs who live in neighborhoods that are not plagued by crime. You have Governor Hochul up in New York who’s probably not seen a homeless encampment in her life. We have to start spreading the misery, right? We have to start like halfway houses or new facilities should be built in these neighborhoods. So, when repeat offenders are released, that’s exactly where they go.

The same way that Governor Abbott found the right destination, there needs to be a destination for released criminals that makes the progressive DAs rethink their idiocy that way, you know, Mayor Adams is going like, wow, that’s — what the hell were we thinking when we said we were sanctuary cities? What the hell were we thinking when we mock the border states, when we put up billboards making fun of Florida when we should have been dealing with our own problems. Now you got to deal with your problems. Ideas, policies, meet consequences. It’s — it is brilliant. And you’re welcome America.

MCDOWELL: Will Cain was about to talk over you and I’m — I was giving him the evil eye.

CAIN: I’m just so excited with his match.com for politics and progressive ideas. It’s amazing, Greg. So, for example, let’s say you’re in the state of Texas and you have — you could set up a bail system that allowed someone early release as long as you migrated to a place like New York.


CAIN: Because once you get to New York, you will meet then DAs who will have a soft on crime policy.


CAIN: I lived this when I lived in New York, Greg, because I lived on the Upper West Side. The minute COVID came in, they filled the hotels on the Upper West Side with halfway houses and homeless encampments. All of a sudden, the most progressive area of the world outside of San Francisco, the Upper West Side of New York goes, I don’t like these policies. What, the ones that you vote for as long as they’re in someone else’s neighborhood? Greg, you are a genius.

GUTFELD: Thank you. Thank you.

CAIN: I’m done.

GUTFELD: Drinks later?

MCDOWELL: Richard, is Greg a genius?

FOWLER: No, and I’m just getting started. So, look, the key word here for me that’s frustrating is politics. Because I think for the past, I don’t know, two decades — since Dana was press secretary, we have been playing – –

PERINO: Before.

FOWLER: We have been playing political football with immigration, right? And let’s be very clear. It’s not really Greg Abbott’s problem. It’s not Eric Adams’ problem. It lies in Washington. And because both parties, Republicans, in this case, Democrats in other cases, like to play political football with immigration, here we are.

The truth of the matter is there’s a deal to be made in Washington and the deal looks something like this. One, we put that we secure the border. Two for the 11 million Americans — 11 million folks living in this country in the shadows, we provide a pathway to citizenship. The next thing we need to do is work on dealing with Visa overstays, one of the number one reasons why we have illegal immigration in this country. And then the third — the fourth thing we need to do is we need to modernize our immigration system.

The laws that are we are currently working on were written before the year that I was born. And that was before they created the internet. And we have a shortage of immigration judges. These are all things that Congress could get done if they had the political will to do it. That requires 10 Republicans to work along across the aisle with Democrats to get it done. And it requires Republicans in the House to work with Democrats to get it done. And unfortunately, that cannot happen because they care more about the politics, Dagen.

MCDOWELL: Joe Biden — Joe Biden could close the border. Joe Biden opened the border. It’s why 1.7 —

FOWLER: The border is not open. People are being smuggled across the border.

MCDOWELL: It is wide open.

FOWLER: That means it’s not open.

MCDOWELL: Let me just finish. Let me say one thing. 1.7 million migrant encounters at the border so far this fiscal year, almost a million got- aways in the last two fiscal years. And a few 1000 people come to Washington D.C. on buses or New York City. And these Democrats who ran on bringing illegal immigrants into the cities have lost their mind.

And they’re putting illegal immigrants ahead of veterans who were here illegally who served the United States of America and they can’t get services because illegal immigrants are in front of them in line. And the border is wide open. And Joe Biden has laid the foundation, Dana, and I will shut up, to allow human traffickers and drug traffickers to profit from human misery. That’s what Biden’s border policy.

FOWLER: But trafficking means that the border is not open, I digress.

MCDOWELL: It’s wide open. Go ahead.

PERINO: I would say, the reason I think that this is brilliant, and I agree with David Patterson, is that you can’t criticize Abbott without criticizing Biden at the same time. So, Abbott figured out a way to play three-dimensional chess on them and they are not happy about it. The other thing that the Musk tweets do about Bill Melugin’s reporting is it forces other media to finally cover the story because they have to cover Elon Musk. So, now other media are like, wait, there’s a problem here? I didn’t know that. I had no idea. I’ve never seen this on the news that I watch.

The other thing about the match.com piece is during illegal immigration debates, somebody eventually would say, oh, yes, then why don’t you have them live in your house then?

GUTFELD: Yes, yes.

PERINO: But this — Abbot is actually now — he’s like, he’s putting that into practice. It’s not the actual house. He’s taking them to the cities. So, you have to imagine that they’re sanctuary cities all across the country going oh, boy, are we next?

GUTFELD: Exactly.

PERINO: Are they coming to us next? Denver, is Denver next? Like, where’s this going to happen? Where’s he going to send people? I think it’s pretty smart.

CAIN: If you’re a sanctuary city, you should have no problem being a sanctuary.

PERINO: That’s the issue.


PERINO: That’s exactly right.

MCDOWELL: They’re already leaving. They’re taking charity money they get in New York and getting on buses and going to D.C. and places to parts unknown in the United States. And that’s — a lot of them are aren’t staying here.

Up next, Kamala Harris can’t laugh this one off. Why even her diehard supporters are getting sick of her?


CAIN: Kamala Harris losing the supportive of rabid online fan base, the massive fan base that is rabid online. It’s the latest embarrassing story to rock her vice presidency. A new report reveals how disappointed diehard followers known as, and I just learned this, the KHive are suddenly vanishing. Supporters who had high expectations have given up on her amid a string of failures.

One self-described former member of the group saying, “the disappointment is real.” Ouch. And hey, it’s no wonder her fans want some distance. A Fox poll puts Kamala’s approval at a measly 39 percent. Dana, didn’t she poll at less than one percent in the Democratic primary?

PERINO: Well, yes, but she also quit in 2019 before we even got to 2020, right? She pulled out. They didn’t have any more money. And then she got resurrected. And she did become the vice president United States. And I think these numbers though show that people are disappointed with that. You know, she — all we’ve heard from the White House in the last nine months as their poll numbers have been so abysmal is that we just don’t communicate well enough. And our solution is we’re going to get out on the road, out of D.C., and we’re going to go travel more and we’re going to go talk about all the great things that we’ve done.

So, this past week, you know, they pass — the House passes the inflation Reduction Act, I say in quotes, and guess where they are? They’re not out there selling it. They’re both on vacation for a week. And so, I think that their communication strategy is lacking.

The last thing I’d point out is we talked about how a year ago today, there was — the world was in turmoil over Afghanistan. Do you know what she was doing? On this very day, a year ago, she was spending her time with child actors to make her look cool talking about space by a production called — production company called Sinking Ship Entertainment. And I think that just was the metaphor of the whole thing.

CAIN: Hey, Richard, at the top of the show, you had that fly. It was buzzing around. It really was actually symbolic of her high moment, which was in that debate with Mike Pence and she made all the funny faces. You think the KHive built upon moments like that was actually bigger than 12, the 12 they interviewed for this story?

FOWLER: I mean, that was a good moment for her where she was like, you know, I’m speaking, don’t interrupt me, Mr. Vice President. I think it was a great moment.

PERINO: No, that’s great.

FOWLER: It’s probably one of the better vice presidential debate moments in American history. That being said, I will not — I mean, you can’t — here’s the truth. Here’s what we also know about American history. There’s never been a vice president that was more popular than the President that they were serving, number one. And number two, so if you have a presidential approval rating, that’s in the 30s, you should expect that the vice presidential approval rating is going to be in the same space.

PERINO: Good point.


CAIN: So, it’s Joe Biden’s fault.

FOWLER: No. I’m not saying it’s Joe Biden’s fault. I think — I’ll be honest with you. I think where — herein lies the problem. I think that there’s been a lot of really — if you were to — if this was Barack Obama — the Obama administration would have loved to pass a bipartisan infrastructure bill. They got rid of all the lead pipes in America that Joe Biden passed. The problem here is the American people, while you’re replacing these lead pipes, have to — it takes time to get all this stuff done. And so, we have to wait for these things to get done. And to Dana’s point, they struggle with communicating that.

CAIN: Dana, I think that Kamala was built upon two things, a social media moment, a Twitter phenomenon, which shows the lack of reach of Twitter, now that she has no popularity, and the power of identity politics which has a limitation when it comes again to real-world acceptance.

MCDOWELL: She can’t hang on to people who are getting paid. Of course, people who are kind of volunteering — I’m volunteering as your fan, of course they’re — of course, they’re going to hit the bricks and go find somebody else to worship. She’s at the point that she needs to adopt a pet. And I don’t mean get one I mean, rescue a pet like something — like a bunny rabbit that she can carry around with her because it’s better to be considered strange and weird than stupid and unpopular. And so she can just carry it around pet it all the time.

CAIN: Stroke it?


CAIN: Greg, how many of you are left in the KHive?

GUTFELD: God, it’s been tough for all of us. I’m staying — I’m staying to the bitter end. Richard is right, though. It’s like the vice president can’t be more popular than the presidents. So, if the President is unpopular, so it goes to the VP. But that raises the problem for her if she ever runs for president. She’s not going to be able to find a VP that won’t outshine her.

FOWLER: But, Greg, she’ll have you in the KHive, right?

GUTFELD: I’ll be there. But you know what? This is — this appears — this reveals the destructive nature of putting quotas over merit. You never know how well somebody does their job until this. And you go, well, we know how she got the job. Supporters claim that she’s being held by a higher standard by dint of her race and gender. You got to think about that.

She was picked because of her race and gender. It’s the most obvious two boxes that were ticked when you remember that Biden hated her because she called him a racist on national TV. His wife hated her. The public hated her and she still got picked. There’s no higher standard. There was no standard.

CAIN: I wonder how many are left in the KHive. I truly do. How big was it at its height and how big is it today?

GUTFELD: They’re in K-hiving — K-hiding.

CAIN: Ahead, it’s the most buzz-worthy story of the day, a politician swallows a bee. “THE FASTEST” is up next.



FOWLER: Welcome back. It’s time for “THE FASTEST.” Canadian politician Doug Ford gets all buzzed up after he swallows a lot — a bee during a live press conference. Take a look.


DOUG FORD, PREMIER, ONTARIO, CANADA: Holy — I just swallow a bee.


FORD: I knew that little bugger.


FORD: I’m good. He’s down here buzzing around right now. Man, he went right down the hatch.


PERINO: He handled that very well.

FOWLER: He did. I was going to ask you, Dana. I mean, you were the queen of press conference. What would you do if you swallowed a bee?

PERINO: I somehow — I actually —

FOWLER: Or did you swallow a bee before?

PERINO: Well, I never did that on air, but we were in Spain in late May and we were out at this place learning about the running of the bulls. And I was of course talking and a fly went right in. And I didn’t have a chance to even get it out. It’s just like, just like this guy. And then I had to play it real cool. Like, it wasn’t a problem. And then I panic later.

CAIN: We have a spotlight on the bee.

FOWLER: I know. Greg, what’s your take?

GUTFELD: You know, cultures around the world have been eating insects for thousands and thousands of years. And to the way he reacted upon swallowing that insect is just a sign of bigotry and patriarchy.

FOWLER: Oh, boy.

GUTFELD: And it’s disgusting. We should all be eating insects to help reduce our carbon footprint.

FOWLER: That’s —

PERINO: More at 11:00.

GUTFELD: More at 11:00. That’s my —

FOWLER: That’s an interesting twist. Will Cain?

CAIN: I mean, this weekend, we report on the story and I made the mistake of mixing him up with his brother —

GUTFELD: Who’s dead.

CAIN: — in which case who’s — thank you, Greg. I’m about to do it again. I make all kinds of mistakes because yes, the bee would be an (INAUDIBLE).

GUTFELD: He would — those — the Fords were crazy.

CAIN: The Fords are crazy. That’s the long and short of it. The Fords are crazy.

PERINO: I mean, what if it — what if it stung you when it — when it went down?

FOWLER: I mean, what would happen if a bee would have stung your esophagus?

CAIN: It will swell.

MCDOWELL: I’m not talking on national TV about what I’ve ingested, swallow or choke down.

CAIN: Next.

MCDOWELL: Whether it’s insect or whatever. Insects, no, I like my job.

FOWLER: I like mine too. And “ONE MORE THING” is up next.


PERINO: It’s time now for “ONE MORE THING.” Did you know that today is National Relaxation Day? Yes, on a Monday. How does that work? Anyway, no one relaxes quite like Percy. I thought I’d show you some pictures. You haven’t seen Percy in a while. There he is doing the downward — that’s the Dolphin Pose. Dog — downward dog, Namaste.

He goes to the beach a lot. He likes to play the ball, lounging at the beach on the chair. And then he goes to the park. So, take —

CAIN: Every day. Every Day is National Relaxation Day.


PERINO: Yes, every day should be National Dog Day and relaxing day for him. Also, I did a Fox News rundown podcast. It just came out today. And it features Enriched NYC founders Mary Cantwell and Brooke Ooten. They have amazing — Greg, you would go crazy. Well, everybody. the way that we have been teaching people to read, kids to read in the last 30 years has been so screwed up. They got to get back to phonics. And that’s what these two women talk about. Give it a listen anywhere you listen to your podcasts. Greg.

GUTFELD: Oh, I remember that year when I was hooked on Phonics. I had to go to rehab and it was — I didn’t think I was going to make it. But those phonics, once they get you, oh, they get you, man. I don’t even — you wouldn’t even recognize me.

PERINO: And look how big you are with words?

GUTFELD: I am amazing with words. But I have to say, you know, once the phonics, you know, I can’t go by — I have to stay away from it because it’ll just trigger me. All right, tonight. We have a great show 11:00 p.m. Brooke Goldstein, Joe Escalante, Jimmy Failla, Kat Timpf. And now, let’s do some other plugs. Greg’s Plugs. See it’s pointing in my head, but that’s actually my hair. I’ll be in Connecticut, October 1st at Foxwoods. Tickets are still available. I’ll also be in Texas, Saturday, November 19. Sugar Land, Texas, Smart Financial Center. I’m moving up, man. These are huge places. So, that’s November 19. Go to ggutfeld.com.

And then, Kat and Tyrus live at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center, Newark, New Jersey. One of the greatest places on earth. Go to ticketmaster.com It’ll be conversations and laughs.

PERINO: That would be a good one.

GUTFELD: I’m done.

PERINO: That’d be very good one. Dagen.

MCDOWELL: Take a look at this video of a paralyzed dog Kahlua teaching his little brother how to crawl. Kahlua suffered a spinal cord injury and was adopted by a Caleb’s mom, Lori, and his family. And it’s just — I have a special place in my heart for animals that are injured like that. I have a friend who has one named Pany. And I just think that this is adorable.

PERINO: It’s so cute.

MCDOWELL: Although I’m evil deep down, I do find this sweet.

PERINO: You are — you are not. All right, Will.

MCDOWELL: Well, Shannon is evil.

CAIN: Speaking of podcast, I hope you’ll check out today’s Will Cain podcast. It’s also up on YouTube, so you can watch it. We go into the Trump raid, from the warrant, to the Espionage Act, to the timeline, which you all were discussing all the way from soup to nuts, a big long case that I lay out.

Also, the Detroit Tigers are having a rough season. And so is this little Detroit Tiger fan.

GUTFELD: Oh, yes.

CAIN: Bummer, bummer.



CAIN: Yes, yes.

GUTFELD: He’s like crying though.

PERINO: That’s expensive.

GUTFELD: Stop crying.

CAIN: Go back to the snack bar, little man.

PERINO: I mean — also, it’s only five seconds though. Come on.

CAIN: Take another swing.

PERINO: Pick it up.

GUTFELD: Pick it up, dude.

PERINO: I would eat it.

MCDOWELL: I would too.

PERINO: I’d eat it.

FOWLER: Five Second Rule.

PERINO: Richard?

FOWLER: I want — I want to give a big shout out to Leap which — Leap envisions a world where every incarcerated woman is committed — who is committed to change has the opportunity and tools to achieve her full potential. How the program works is once you are released from your incarceration, they provide you with all the support you need. Their core values are second chances, love, forgiveness, education, accountability, discipline, integrity, advocacy, and collaboration. They also have a thrift store attached to their nonprofit so that’s how they fund themselves.

PERINO: That’s neat.

FOWLER: You can find out more about them. You can check them out. I put them up on my I.G. page today @RichardAFowler. So, check out all the work there and support this group who are helping returning citizens get a better lease on life.

PERINO: All right. And if you’d like my bracelet, you got to check out Same Sky. It’s a nonprofit. And they — women put these all together. Some them are in Rwanda, some are here in America.

GUTFELD: My website is purely for profit.

FOWLER: I’ve actually been to Rwanda.

GUTFELD: So, if you go there, I get the money.

PERINO: That’s it for us, everyone. Bret, we’re going to turn over to you because I could keep talking. “SPECIAL REPORT” is up next.

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