January 19, 2022

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A hacker claims to have breached a law firm used by Trump and dumped legal files on the dark web, report says – Business Insider

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Hacker claims to have stolen files from Trump law firm Jones Day: WSJ

Jones Day

The law firm Jones Day in Washington, DC.
REUTERS/Andrew Kelly

  • A hacker claimed to have posted documents stolen from a top law firm on the dark web.
  • The documents, some of which were marked “confidential,” were said to be from the firm Jones Day.
  • The Trump administration was among Jones Day’s clients.
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A hacker claimed to have stolen files from the prominent law firm Jones Day and dumped some of them on the dark web, The Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday.

The newspaper said that it reviewed some of the files and that they included a memo to a judge marked “confidential mediation brief” and a cover letter for “confidential documents.” The Journal said it couldn’t confirm the authenticity of the documents.

Jones Day said on Tuesday that a file-transfer platform it used, Accellion FTA, had been compromised and that its own networks had not been breached. The firm said it was investigating the breach and talking to affected clients.

A spokesman for the firm told Bloomberg Law: “Jones Day has been informed that Accellion’s FTA file transfer platform, which is a platform that Jones Day—like many law firms, companies and organizations—used was recently compromised and information taken.”

The hacker told The Journal that they had directly accessed Jones Day’s servers and stolen 100 gigabytes of data. The Journal said it had found evidence of large files posted on the dark web.

DataBreaches.net first reported on Saturday that a hacker who goes by the name Clop had posted screenshots of what they said were stolen documents.

The law firm has several high-profile clients, including members of the Trump administration and President Donald Trump’s campaign. There was no information indicating whether files from those accounts were stolen.

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