October 28, 2021

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The Reagan Foundation demands ‘Trump Train’ get rid of image of late Republican president in MAGA cap – Yahoo News

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<p>The bus no longer has a likeness to Ronald Reagan</p> (Trump Train 2020 Campaign Tour/Facebook)
The bus no longer has a likeness to Ronald Reagan

(Trump Train 2020 Campaign Tour/Facebook)

The Reagan Foundation has sent a letter to the operator of the “Trump Train” demanding the removal of an image of their namesake, who is seeing wearing a MAGA hat.

The Trump Train is a bus that goes across the US in an effort to rally support for former president Donald Trump, who lost the last election to current President Joe Biden.

Former president Ronald Reagan, who died in 2004, has remained a towering figure in the Republican party. In a letter that was obtained by Salon, the organisation wrote to the owner of the bus William ‘Buddy’ Hall to request that he take the image of America’s 40th president off the side of his vehicle.

“Specifically, it has come to The Reagan Foundation’s attention that you are using Ronald Reagan’s image on the side of your tour bus known as the ‘Trump Train’ as seen at a recent ‘America First’ rally in Florida. This letter is to inform you of the legal rights of the Reagan Foundation in the name and likeness of the Ronald Reagan,” wrote Linda Merritt.

Reagan is not the first unauthorised official to feature on the bus, as the face of Queen Elizabeth II graced the vehicle when it appeared at the Florida rally on 7 May that featured Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene as a speaker. According toThe Huffington Post, Buckingham Palace also sent a letter to Mr Hall to remove the image from the side of the bus.

“Representations asking for the photo’s removal have been made,” the palace told HuffPost.

The Reagan Foundation went to cite trademark and copyright laws that prohibited Mr Hall’s current use of the photo.

“Your use of Ronald Reagan’s image in connection with your tour bus services and in advertising is likely to cause consumers to mistakenly believe that you in some way affiliated, connected or associated with the Reagan Foundation,” Ms Merritt’s letter went on, trying to distance the legacy of the president who served in the 1980s, to the current and past agenda of Mr Trump.

Ms Merritt’s letter was also sent to the Trump Organisation, according to Salon. The Trump company has no official affiliation with the bus that bears his name.

“If you agree to and comply with these requests, the Reagan Foundation will consider this matter resolved,” Ms Merritt’s letter stated.

The Independent reached out to the Trump Train Campaign Tour 2020 and The Reagan Foundation for comment.

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