October 28, 2021

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Regarding Janet Y. Jackson’s column “Texas two-steps its way toward Gilead” (Sept. 16): My young sons are sixth-generation Texans. They spent their first days in a Dallas hospital tower named for their grandfather’s great-uncle. They love watching the Dallas Mavericks’ Luka Doncic and eating carnitas. They embody the best of Texas.

This summer, my husband and I relocated our family to St. Louis for a one-year fellowship. Our move had nothing to do with our former elected officials, but our decision whether to return to Texas sure might.

Art curator and journalist Chaédria LaBouvier said, “Where you are is where you fight.” I know and love many Texans fighting to promote reproductive rights, prevent gun violence and protect communities from the coronavirus. Imagine what these folks could do, though, if they didn’t have to expend such effort to demand equal access to life and liberty. Imagine what my boys could do if they didn’t have to live in a dystopian legislative hellscape.

The Texas GOP should know that my sons will always have Texan roots, but they may not have a Texan future.

Katharine Nimmons • St. Louis

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