January 19, 2022

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Trump news – live: Biden approval polls now as low as Trump’s as Lara says US ‘desperate’ for 2024 run – The Independent

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Fox News host says Trump must ‘learn to lose’

The sprawling effort to bring the 6 January rioters to justice has crossed a new rubicon with prosecutors bringing charges of “seditious conspiracy” against the leader of the Oath Keepers, a self-styled militia who joined the insurrection. Elmer Stewart Rhodes has been arrested and charged along with 10 other members of the group, who stand accused of plotting to “oppose the lawful transfer of power by force”.

As for the investigation on Capitol Hill, House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy has refused to provide the 6 January committee with information about his conversations with Donald Trump during the attack last year, calling the panel “illegitimate”. Liz Cheney, one of the committee’s only two Republicans, said Mr McCarthy is attempting to “cover up” what happened, and that the committee would evaluate other options for obtaining his testimony. “I wish that he were a brave and honorable man,” she told CNN.

Joe Biden, meanwhile, has faced an abject week in Congress – and it seems his popularity is suffering badly. According to FiveThirtyEight, in the annals of the modern presidency, only Donald Trump had a lower approval rating at this point in his term.

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What would America look like after secession?

It could look pretty good for Democrats, writes Benedict Cosgrove.

Oliver O’Connell14 January 2022 18:02


Trump celebrates Katko not running again

The former president told supporters: “Great news, another one bites the dust. Katko, from Upstate New York, is gone!”

Oliver O’Connell14 January 2022 17:53


McCarthy says Trump has responsibility for Jan 6 in audio clip

This audio clip has come back to haunt Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

In it, he says Donald Trump has responsibility for the January 6th riot and admitted as much. He also strongly urges a commission investigates the attack on the US Capitol.

On Thursday he said he didn’t remember telling lawmakers that the former president took responsibility.

Oliver O’Connell14 January 2022 17:50


Third House Republican who voted to impeach Trump won’t run again

John Katko of New York has become the third House Republican that voted to impeach former-President Donald Trump to announce he will not run for reelection this year.

“My conscience, principles, and commitment to do what’s right have guided every decision I’ve made as a Member of Congress, and they guide my decision today.”

He’s the ranking member of the Homeland Security Committee, in line to be chairman were the House to flip from the Democrats to the GOP. He also voted for the infrastructure bill.

Given the nature of his Democrat-leaning district, it may be tough for a Republican to win it again without a moderate running.

Oliver O’Connell14 January 2022 17:35


A look at the fake 2020 election documents created by state Republicans

CNN’s Marshall Cohen has pulled together screenshots from the false documents claiming that Biden-voting states were in fact sending pro-Trump electors to Washington, DC after the 2020 election.

Andrew Naughtie14 January 2022 17:10


Michigan Republicans in trouble over challenge to election results

One of the myriad tactics used by Trump supporters after the 2020 election was the submission of fake documents purporting to award their states’ electoral votes to Donald Trump instead of Joe Biden – and now, more than a year later, some of those who tried it could soon be held to account.

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel said yesterday that under state law, the creation and submission of the document signed by 16 state Republicans could constitute “forgery of a public record, which is a 14-year offence, and election law forgery, which is a five-year offence”.

Andrew Feinberg has the story:

Andrew Naughtie14 January 2022 16:52


Trump clan tout prospect of a 2024 comeback – against Hillary Clinton

“It turns out that people didn’t like her ideas as much as Donald Trump’s,” Ms Trump said of the 2016 outcome. “and now that we have had a Trump presidency, should it be Hillary versus Trump again? I don’t think it is even a question. People are desperate to get Donald Trump back in office.”

Contrary to Ms Trump’s analysis, the electorate in fact voted for Ms Clinton by a margin of nearly 3 million; Mr Trump defeated her by fewer than 100,000 votes combined in the electoral college. The idea she might run again has been floated by various commentators in recent days, but as Eric Garcia writes, “there are many reasons to not take this argument seriously”.

Andrew Naughtie14 January 2022 16:30


Texas GOP official in hot water over Capitol riot texts

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, who spoke at a rally on 6 January in advance of the attack on the Capitol, has been given four days to hand over his digital communications from the day or face a lawsuit.

The complaint against him claims that he has failed to comply with the Texas Public Information Act, which subjects his official communications to public release.

Jade Bremner has the story:

Andrew Naughtie14 January 2022 16:03


The Bulwark’s Amanda Carpenter, a former Ted Cruz aide turned merciless Trump critic, writes that the sedition charges brought against members of the Oath Keepers are a major blow to one of the key right-wing lines on the Capitol attack – that the lack of sedition or insurrection charges proved there was nothing there.

On the contrary, she writes, the indictment against the Oath Keepers “describes a series of very disturbing actions by people who had carefully laid plans for war”.

Read more below:

Andrew Naughtie14 January 2022 15:37


Can the Democrats hold the Senate?

The Independent’s Eric Garcia foresees trouble for the Democrats’ wafer-thin majority in the upper chamber of Congress:

Andrew Naughtie14 January 2022 15:15

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